Academy Awards Gives Meryl Streep Nineteenth Oscar Nomination

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As many who follow the world of entertainment know, the nominations for the Academy Awards were announced this past Thursday. One notable nod of the announcement is that of Meryl Streep who can now claim the title of the most nominated artist in the entire history of the Academy Awards. The actress received her record-breaking nineteenth nomination for the Oscar on Thursday morning.

Streep received the nod for Best Supporting Actress for her role as The Witch in Rob Marshall’s movie musical Into the Woods. The film was Streep’s second movie musical role, the first being Donna in the ABBA musical Mamma Mia! in which she received a Golden Globe nomination for. The actress has expressed her reluctance and fear of singing in front of people on a number of occasions, but it seems as if the star has conquered her demons for she is seen displaying top-notch vocal skills in Into the Woods.

The actress has won three out of the prior eighteen Academy Awards she has been nominated for. Streep has taken home two Best Leading Actress trophies for Sophie’s Choice and The Iron Lady and one Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Kramer vs. Kramer. The Academy Awards have honored her work in many other critically-acclaimed films such as The Deer Hunter, Julie & Julia, The Devil Wears Prada and August: Osage County. The actress seemingly never manages to take her work lightly, always delving into her roles and dissecting each and every detail as specifically as a surgeon would operate on a patient. This is a great reasoning for her consistent success in recognition at the Academy Awards.

However, many critics are beginning to wonder if the Academy should acknowledge other up-and-coming actresses whose career could get an enormous launch from an Oscar bump, as opposed to praising the well-established likes of Streep. Prior to the 2015 nominations for the Academy Awards, many articles were released on the issue of assuming Streep would receive a nod for Into the Woods, but a great number of them brought about the suggestion of having the actress decline the nomination for reasons of allowing rising stars to advance their careers. Declines in nominations and wins have occurred before regarding the Academy Awards, Marlon Brando being one of the more notable examples for declining his win for The Godfather. One must wonder if it is truly necessary for Streep to do the same.

The purpose of the Oscars is to acknowledge the most skillfully-executed creations in the film industry that have been presented over the year. When one such as Streep presents work that is so, incredibly fine-tuned on a consistent year after year basis, that individual deserves that amount of recognition. If new artists are to be acknowledged, it only makes sense that they will have to present the same or a greater amount of diligence in order to be showcased. One does not simply give praise for the sake of mixing things up, the praise must be acquired through copious amounts of detailed work, work that Streep continues to present within each performance.

Whether or not Meryl Streep will take home the gold at this year’s Academy Awards, the actress has provided a vast amount of inspiration for performers all over the world and presents a great example of what these actors should strive for. The evidence is in Streep’s nineteen Oscar nominations, proving that extreme diligence results in ultimate reward.

Opinion by Cody Collier

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