YouTube as Talent Agent, Therapist and Entertainment Giant

Social media and YouTube once again have an impact on more industries. YouTube as talent agent, therapist and entertainment giant can all be added to their list of credits as they spread their wings to span across various fields. With the instantaneous nature of video streams, aspiring super stars have taken to coming to their opportunity rather than waiting for an opportunity to come to them. They no longer need to hope for a risk to be taken on their talent before its displayed.

It is now possible for them to take a leap of faith on themselves by publicly displaying their skills in hopes of being discovered. This now has changed the field of talent agents, scouts and marketing. Even record labels have shifted their business models to accommodate this new pattern of attaining fame. It used be the job of a record label and talent agent to not only discover talent but groom it and make them superstars with ample marketing and publicity.

These days, talent becomes more attractive if they already possess a large following. After they have been viewed thousands of times online, the response to their post takes their blooming career to another level. If a famous person happens to tweet about what they saw, that newcomer’s video post can get millions of views in less than one minute. If lucky enough to be invited to a show like Ellen, who frequently brings on guests she finds on YouTube, they again have multiplied their viewership.

A prime example is Justin Bieber, who after being showcased on Ellen climbed in popularity and flew into stardom. Justin Timberlake discovered Esmee Davis, an artist signed to DefJam. Dondria, a young female singer was discovered by Jermain Dupri. The list goes on and on. Discoveries are not limited to singers and musicians either. Comedians, actors, dancers and anyone who feels they can display their talent in front of a camera is free to try. From fame to personal stories, YouTube the talent agent, therapist and entertainment giant has been used more and more as a venue for personal confessions.

A recent trend in this arena is that of coming out on YouTube. The most popular at the moment is one in which twin brothers, Aaron and Austin Rhodes videotape their call to their father as they expressed their truth to him. His positive response and the emotional impact it had on the brothers was posted this past week. It has now had upwards of 70,000 views and counting. YouTube now has collaborated with very high-profile names to bring about exclusive channels that target a very specific audience. Russel Simmons has launched ‘All Def Digital’, a YouTube channel in collaboration with Dreamworks animation. This channel will serve to promote artists, enable a platform to allow them to interact with their fans, and broadcast original programming.

Simon Cowell, another name synonymous with music and hits, has launched a channel as well. Staying true to his formula for success in past TV shows, his is an audition channel. Aside from the confessions, individually posted videos or formal channels, they are now testing the waters in production. During this years’ Super Bowl halftime show, they will air their own program. The target audience is, whether admitted or not, those who care more about the ads than the Super Bowl itself. All in all, YouTube will continue to add to their list of credits, as talent agent, therapist, and entertainment giant. As long as people click on the play button, they will have something there waiting to be watched.

By Clea Tucker

Los Angeles Times
ABC News
CBS News

Image courtesy of Kevin Ohlin –Flickr license

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