Alligator Removed from Residents Property in Los Angeles


Officials seized an alligator in Van Nuys, Los Angeles, from the back yard of a local resident. The Los Angeles Animal Services Department removed the 8-foot female reptile from a box that had two dead cats in it. The first time officials visited the home they were turned away and came back with a warrant to survey the location.

Laura Mattson is the owner of the reptile, to her and the family it has been a pet for the last 37 years, the alligator is named Jayson. Reportedly Jayson eats chicken meat, and not cats. Mattson said that Jayson was raised with cats, and that there even exists a picture of two kittens snuggled against her.

The family came into possession of the creature back in the late seventies when it was still a baby. After Jim Mattson, the father of the house, died a few years ago his wife took over watching over the creature.

Mattson tried to find Jayson a home in the past, even the L.A. Zoo had no room for her at the time. As a result she has been with the family for a very long, she is a pet that has become a member of the family, which is why the seizing has been so rough on the Mattsons. Additionally the family might be charged with criminal charges.

By Garrett Jutte

Photo by Striderp64 – Flickr Licence

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