American Horror Story: Magical Thinking [Recap/Review]

American Horror Story

American Horror Story returned on January 7 with Magical Thinking. The show finally introduced Neil Patrick Harris’ character; one that many fans of the show were looking forward to. At the same time, it continued on from the shocking events of the winter finale.

Jimmy Darling is stuck in jail, with no money for a lawyer. Mister Spencer is there and tells Jimmy that there is a man willing to do it, and will pay a lot of money for freak show memorabilia, sending shivers down many American Horror Story fans. When Jimmy says that he has nothing, Spencer makes it clear that his left hand will be enough.

It seems that Jimmy is so worried about being killed in jail that he goes along with the plan. The liquid that Mister Spencer gives Jimmy makes him throw up, so he can get out of jail in a fake ambulance. After blacking out, he wakes up in a hospital and both of his hands have now gone. It looks like Mister Spencer was not being honest, after all; something many expected.

Finally, the moment people have been waiting for arrives on American Horror Story. Harris comes in as Chester, and the twins soon help him feel at ease. He has a full story along with his life, including being injured on Normandy Beach and having a metal plate inside his head now. He wants to get in on the freak show, and has a full magic act. Part of his character just screams Barney from How I Met Your Mother in that aspect, except that he is more of a psychopath.

Elsa is not willing to let anyone into her American Horror Story freak show, and Chester is sent away in Magical Thinking. However, that is before she realizes that he is good at math, and she decides to hire him to help with the bookkeeping. People in this carnival are far too trusting.

Dell gets to the hospital to find out about Jimmy’s deal to sell a hand for a lawyer. While he talks about prosthetics, including the fact that an Asbury Park chef has hooks for hands. Dell and Jimmy get together to buy the freak show, and it seems like everything could be back to normal for the two of them. The missing hands are forgotten about rather quickly.

That is until they get back to the freak show, where Eve is helping Elsa to pack. Dell tells the two woman about Jimmy selling his hands for a lawyer, and neither seem that shocked. In fact, nobody in the camp seems to really care, including Dot who once had a thing for “lobster boy.”

Dot has now moved onto Chester, who appears to be telling some truths in his story. There are a few flashbacks to his time at Normandy and catching his wife in bed with another woman of all things. However, there is clearly more to this American Horror Story. He has a dark secret, and even Dandy thinks he is crazy.

While he deals with the things that has happened in his life, Chester also gets his hands on the American Horror Story Cabinet of Curiosities for just $2,000. There are limited conditions, too, including the act remains the same with no member fired. There also needs to be no mention of Jimmy’s current predicament, again making light of the subject.

Speaking of Jimmy, he does get out of police custody thanks to Eve and Dell. The police appear at the freak show looking for evidence that one of them had something to do with it, but go away empty handed.

The episode ended with a few shocking moments. Dell admits to Desiree that he killed Ma Petite when Maggie turns up with the shortest person in the watery coffin. Just as he tells Desiree how he killed her, a bullet hits him in the head. The culprit was the one and only Elsa. Magical Thinking definitely sets up questions for the last two episodes of American Horror Story season four.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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