Pretty Little Liars: Fresh Meat [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars episode 15 of season five, Fresh Meat, brings out more evidence that could link Ali to Mona’s murder. However, the Liars decide the best thing to do is destroy said evidence, despite previous pieces leading to the charges against Spencer being dropped. It just leads to more dead-ends in a fairly disappointing season.

Toby goes to Mona’s home and finds a knife belonging to his family at the scene. Being the dutiful policeman, he wants to bag the evidence and take it to the station. However, Spencer and Caleb are against that idea. The fact that it is one of his family’s knives could put him in danger, and they are not willing to risk that. So, they destroy that evidence, putting them back at stage one.

The Pretty Little Liars are still reveling from the idea that Ali is not A. Those fireworks really shocked them, and now they want to know who is still out there after them.

Toby is not happy with the idea of destroying evidence, and it definitely shows that there are problems between him and Spencer. However, Spencer decides that destroying it is best, but that does almost end up with Caleb being burnt alive in a kiln.

While Ezra’s relationship with Aria seemed to be on the mend, it seems to be taking a step in the wrong direction. He opens the coffee shop with a book store, becoming Emily’s boss, only to replace her with another girl for the opening night. In Fresh Meat, Aria does not help that either by sending a letter that is bound to get into the wrong hands for the Pretty Little Liars.

When she finds out she is rejected from all colleges except one that she is put on the waiting list for, she decides it is time to write a letter. Of course the person in charge of admissions is Ezra’s ex-girlfriend, so she tells Jackie just how much her relationship with Ezra ruined her life. The Liar gets her place in the college thanks to that, but how long will it be before Ezra finds out.

After finding her mom sleeping with Jason DiLaurentis, Hanna takes a trip to look at a college. She ends up in a trailer park where Detective Holbrook’s family lives. It turns out that Holbrook has not been home for some time, but Hanna is given a present of organs stuffed in her teddy bear when she gets back to her car.

It was a relatively tame episode, breaking fans into the second half of Pretty Little Liars season five. It just seems like some of it is moving along too slow, especially now that the show has two more seasons. However, there is still time for more twists and turns. A lot of the episode turned into a chance for the girls to complain about their significant others, especially Emily and Spencer who complain Paige and Toby are not answering their calls or listening to them.

Fresh Meat is just the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, which is back on ABC on Tuesday nights.

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