Pretty Little Liars: Through a Glass, Darkly [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Season five of Pretty Little Liars returned on January 6, with new episode Through a Glass, Darkly. The show picked up from where it left off, with the girls still believing that Ali is A, and suspicious of every move she makes.

The season has been relatively disappointing to this point. Some fans complain that there are now too many red-herrings and dead-ends, and the news that the show has been picked up for two more seasons after this means that more are to come. The good news is that season seven may be officially the end, which allows the writers more freedomly. They can finally move forward, as was proven with Lost a number of years ago.

During the recent Pretty Little Liars episode, Ali has been arrested. However, it will not be long until she is either cleared of charges or released on bail. Aria is still certain that Holbrook and Ali are somehow involved, which would give Ali the chance of getting out without problems.

There was not much new in the episode, and much of it focused on Mona’s funeral. Ali turns up, and the Liars watch in shock as Mona’s mom slaps the teenager for attending. While Ali says she is innocent, Mrs. Vanderwaal is not convinced and just wants her daughter’s body. Aria wants to prove that Ali murdered Mona, because it could help push the blame of Bethany’s murder onto her too. Spencer is still facing charges for that one.

During Through a Glass, Darkly, it is clear that Mona was not willing to keep the Pretty Little Liars completely in the dark. The evidence she gathered is on her hard drive, but there is a problem. Caleb cannot hack into the hard drive for some reason, so there must be some interesting and useful information on it.

Ali has an alibi for Mona’s murder, but Spencer is not too sure it holds up. She turns to Jason to find out the truth, telling him that while Ali is his sister, she is too. Jason does not seem that shocked when Spencer tells him that Ali set her up.

Hanna decides that it is time to take the supernatural route on Pretty Little Liars and turns to psychic Mrs. Grunwald. It turns out that Mona is somewhere stuck on the other side, in a dark and scary place. Mrs. Grunwald tells Hanna that Mona is stuck somewhere surrounded by earth and insects, suggesting that she is buried somewhere out of the way, and not in Rosewood.

As for A, it is time to get back to attacking the Pretty Little Liars. She gets to Aria, who is at Ezra’s home, and wraps her in plastic, stapling her to the wall. It was not that much of a shocking moment, considering there is still at least a season of Aria’s character. The show is certainly losing out on the shock element right now. However, Mona’s hard drive is stolen, but that just leads to Spencer finding the hidden camera that could show them everything they need for Mona’s murder.

Right at the end, while Ali is in prison, the Liars watch the fireworks. They are shocked to find out that their Ali theory was wrong when there is a message from A. However, that moment in Through a Glass, Darkly was not as surprising for Pretty Little Liars fans as it could have been, but it does poke a hole in fans’ Ali as A theory, too.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham




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