Pretty Little Liars: How the A Stole Christmas [Recap/Review]

Pretty Little Liars

Just before Christmas, Pretty Little Liars aired a special episode, usually reserved for Halloween, titled How the A Stole Christmas. It followed on from the mid-season finale, where Mona was finally revealed to be the one killed off after having proof that Allison is A. It was the first Christmas special, and included pretty dresses and Mona’s ghost.

During the mid-season finale, Spencer was arrested for Bethany’s murder, but is currently out on bail. Ali is throwing a ball for the season, but Aria is one Liar who does not want to attend. At the same time, Mona’s body has still not been found after the shocking events of the Pretty Little Liars mid-season finale.

Mona is still helping from beyond the grave. Hanna receives a package from Mona’s lawyer, and it includes a map of all Ali’s hiding places in her home. It could reveal some clues that the Liars need to find out if Ali really is A. Aria is also receiving gifts from strangers, with the Salvation Army Santa giving her a snow globe from A. A wants her Pretty Little Liars to take a vacation.

It was a Christmas Carol style episode, with Ali being visited by her mom and then Mona. Ali is taken through her Christmases past, including one where she found two identical gifts. They were yellow dresses, and her mom convinced her to only say there was one to prevent her dad from leaving them.

In How the A Stole Christmas, Toby returns to the Pretty Little Liars with his broken leg from the car accident now in a cast. He is spending most of his time watching Ali’s house, looking out for when Hanna and Spencer sneak in.

While Emily and Paige get closer, Ezra and Aria seem to be on the mend. Ezra even buys the Liar a new dress for the ball—that she does not want to go to.

Lucas is in on the plan and promises to keep Ali preoccupied while Spencer and Hanna snoop in her house. Aria is also on Ali watch, only to see her kissing a Santa. Aria instantly believes that it could be Holbrook and tells her friends. Emily tells the Pretty Little Liars that CeCe escaped the country because of Ali, and Holbrook may have been in on it.

Emily also wants to know who Ali’s new friend are, shocked to find out that Sydney and Jenna are behind two of the four masks. It turns out that they are just looking out for themselves, considering they believe Ali killed Mona.

While Hanna and Spencer snoop, Toby calls to say that Ali is not at the party. Right then, a black hoodie appears with a bucher’s knife. However, there is enough time for Hanna to find one of Bethany’s letters to Ali, proving Bethany was invited to Labor Day by Ali. A knocks the girls out and then decorates a Christmas tree for them. Not the climax that many people were expecting.

As for Ali, Mona takes her to her future, where she is legless and in a coffin. The woman in black turns out to be Ali’s mom, who tells her that others are coming for her. It appears from How the A Stole Christmas that Pretty Little Liars mystery may be getting to the end, since Marlene King did say that the Woman in Black would be the endgame for the show.

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