Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Catch-Up

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars season five returned from its winter break last week, but there are many fans who may need a catch-up on the first half of the season. It has been a season full of twists and turns, and it appears to be at the point of revealing just who A could really be. Of course, the show has done this on numerous occasions, and always added a new twist right at the last minute.

Season five saw the return of Allison, who never died on the night of her disappearance. She goes through the story of how someone was tormenting her, and she felt the need to run away to protect herself. Now that she is back, it looks like her life and the lives of her friends are in danger once more.

At first, it seemed like everything had come to an end. Aria killed Shauna while in New York, believing that she was A all along. However, after just a few episodes, it became clear that there was someone else out there.

With the police closing in, the Liars have spent a season trying to put more pieces of the puzzle together. Allison’s mom ends up dead, and everyone wants to know how. Yet, more truths come out, including Melissa’s involvement in the whole plan.

As part of the lead-up to the mid-season finale, it was finally revealed that Melissa and Mr. Hastings were only trying to protect Spencer. There was the possibility that she attempted to murder Allison on that fateful night, and it was finally time for her to learn the truth.

The mid-season five finale of Pretty Little Liars had the most action to catch-up on. The teaser promised that it would be a major event, with one character dying. There were many speculations, including the idea that Spencer Hastings would be killed off because she was not at Thanksgiving dinner with her friends.

It turned out that Mona was the one to die, which was almost obvious with the way the episode set up. She had finally made amends and was helping the Pretty Little Liars get to the bottom of things. She told them everything she knew about A, and shared her suspicions that Allison has orchestrated the whole thing. On top of that, it was the first episode to see Mona’s mom.

The Pretty Little Liars need to turn to Mona when Allison is at the police station. They worry about what she will tell them, which soon turns to the police looking at Spencer as a suspect. Mona and Spencer break into Radley and steal some tapes to find out all about Bethany—the girl who was actually in Allison’s grave.

Before leaving with her mom, Mona decides that she wants to finish listening to the tapes, but feels someone following her. The last thing Mona tells Aria is that Allison is A, and she can prove it. By the time the Pretty Little Liars get to Mona, it is too late. In the crowd gathering outside her house, Allison appears to smirk at the news that Mona is likely dead. After the catch-up, it is now time for the rest of Pretty Little Liars season five.

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