Supernatural Releases New Trailer for Mid-Season Premiere


Supernatural fans were treated to the release of a new trailer for the show’s mid-season premiere. It goes into more detail than the Born Killer promo, released after the mid-season finale, showing new and old faces. The one thing that fans now wonder is whether Dean Winchester will turn into a monster.

With the news that Supernatural has been picked up for an 11th season, many fans wonder about the direction this season will go. It was promised as the Year of the Deanmon, and so far there have been disappointing moments for some fans. After just three episodes, Dean was cured of being a demon, but the Mark of Cain still has a pull on him.

During the recent trailer, it is clear that the Mark continues to pull him into becoming a cold-hearted killer. Castiel is seen right away telling someone that killing monsters by becoming one is not the way to go. Clips of Dean killing people—presumably monsters—then appear, along with one of a young girl tied up and Dean fighting the temptation to kill her.

The trailer shows an old face making a reappearance, which many Supernatural fans already knew about coming back. Felicia Day is reprising her role of Charlie, and it looks like she will try push Dean over the edge. The character will return from Oz, and seems to be darker and more world-weary.

As well as releasing a new trailer for the Supernatural mid-season premiere, a clip has been released. It shows the aftermath of the mid-season finale, where Sam, Castiel and Claire walk in to find Dean kneeling among a number of dead bodies. It was a traumatic experience for Claire, and the initial part of the clip has Castiel and Sam discussing that.

As a semi positive note, Dean knows just how bad it is getting, and he makes it clear the Mark of Cain has to go. Of course, with any Supernatural storyline, there is a problem. The best way to tell how to get rid of it is through the demon tablet because the Mark could predate all lore. Castiel does admit that there may be another way.

This may set up for the reappearance of Metatron. During the two trailers for the mid-season premiere, Metatron appears to be in the bunker with Sam, tied up and there for questioning. It is possible that he knows how to get rid of the Mark of Cain, but he is too busy finding joy in Dean going “nuclear.”

Supernatural returns on January 20 on the CW network. It will remain to air on Tuesday nights until the middle of March. It is the one show that is being switched nights to accommodate for the summer line-up. The show following the two brothers will move to Wednesday nights once The 100 season two comes to an end. The Tuesday night slot will be replaced with new CW show iZombie.

For now, fans can have fun speculating. Supernatural has now released the new trailer and a clip for the mid-season premiere, and it is all about Dean going “nuclear.”

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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