American Idol Auditions Night #8 [Recap and Video]

American Idol

The auditions phase of American Idol concluded tonight with night #8 from San Francisco, California. The last competitors to audition in San Francisco who the judges gave Gold Tickets to will be headed to Hollywood, where the next phase of the season will begin, next week. There were some terrific performances tonight, as well as some that were…not quite that terrific. Which performers got Gold Tickets during the hour-long final auditions episode and will be Hollywood bound? Read on, to find out!

Harry jammed out on the piano, while the judges awaited the start of the auditions. The first person to sing on American Idol was Adanna Duru. She talked about her family and her love of music before she sang You and I. She WAILED on the song, which helped her showcase her amazing vocal skills.

“You are what we call the ensemble, the whole package,” Jennifer said.

Harry told her “Look at every line and look at what all of the lyrics are about.’

Keith said he thought she sounded great. All of the judges gave her “yes,” votes, so she will be moving on to Hollywood! After she left the stage, American Idol went to its first commercial break of the evening.

When American Idol came back from the break, the second competitor to take the stage was Christopher Michael, 26. He began by jamming out on his guitar, perhaps a bit too energetically, then Harry picked up his chair and threw it behind him. Jennifer said “That poor guitar!”

Harry said “You fired me up, but the music wasn’t there, man.” The judges all gave him “no,” votes. Christopher said “I guess it wasn’t their style of music.”

Hunter Larsen, 20, was the third performer of American Idol. She sang a Frank Sinatra classic, and did a great job, though she was a rather quirky young lady. Keith said “That was really good!” and Harry told her “Nice job!” The three judges gave her three “yes,” votes, so she will be packing for Hollywood.

After another commercial break, American Idol returned with another performer auditioning. Tara Honda, 22, sang and sounded amazing. Jennifer said “You have the soul of an artist.” She will also be going to Hollywood!

Daniel Seavey, 15, from Portland, Oregon, sang next on American Idol. He said “A lot of people compare me to Justin Bieber, but that’s not really my style.” He plays a variety of instruments. He will be playing the piano and singing Hallelujah. He sounded AWESOME! Keith asked to hear “something on the guitar,” and Daniel proved to be equally adept at that instrument. He was pretty incredible!

Jennifer said she could tell he was “musically talented,” but he was blossoming and “wasn’t complete.”

Harry said he “didn’t have the maturity yet,” so he voted “no.” Keith gave him a “yes” vote. Jennifer said “I’m very on the fence about you,” and American Idol cut to another commercial break before she gave him her final answer. Jennifer said “yes,” and he will be headed to Tinsletown!

Then, Ryan Seacrest, the host of American Idol, sat down and talked to a young gentlemen who was from Africa, and was sent home there by his father. He said he and his family had to search through trashcans for food and drink water from rusty pipes.

Rocky Peter, from Nigeria, then told part of his history to the American Idol judges. He sang an original song, Wrong Places, and played the guitar. He had an excellent voice, and could hit the falsetto notes in the song really well, and sustain the notes for a long time. Harry said his performance “was really smart, well done.”

Jennifer told him “You have something really special about you.”

Keith said “I’m not sure what you do is compatible with Idol.” But, he thought Rocky had a great voice, so all three judges gave him “yes,” votes and he will be on his way to Hollywood. After the audition, he said “To meet the judges alone is an honor, but to have this –” he indicated his Gold Ticket, then yelled in triumph.

Sophia got a “yes,” vote from Jennifer, and a “no” vote from Harry. With Keith Urban pondering how he should vote, American Idol went to another commercial break, and Ryan Seacrest asked the viewers of America to guess if she will be moving on to Hollywood or not. Keith gave her a “no,” vote…drat!

Jaq MacKenzie, 15, auditioned next on American Idol. She sang an original song, Break My Heart Next Time, and she showed the judges she has a pretty decent voice. “You have the makings of a great artist…someday,” Jennifer told her.

Harry said “Would sending you to Hollywood help you, or would sending you to Hollywood hurt you. What I like about you is that there is a serious undertone to your singing.”

Keith said “You have a really distinct singing style.”

Jennifer said she wanted to see her at least one more time, so gave her a “yes,” vote. Keith said “You should see where your artistry fits there in Hollywood.” All of the judges gave Jaq “yes,” votes, so she will be off to Hollywood.

After a commercial break, Ryan Seacrest talked about some of the journeys that competitors had gone on to get to American Idol. The last competitor of the night on American Idol, Tyanna, said she came from a large family, and she and her family went through “a lot of hard times,” growing up. “We slept on the floor and showered in the sink,” of a local church, she said, when her family’s house was foreclosed on.

Tyanna Jones, 16, sang Lil Mix’s song, Wings. She belted the song out, loading it with a ton of emotion. Keith was smiling as she sang.

Jennifer said she will look back on her tape 15 years from now, and say “Yeah, I was doin’ it back then, too!”

Harry said if he heard a tape of her, he would take the parent by the shoulders and say “Your little girl is extremely talented.” The three judges gave her “yes,” votes, and she will, quite deservedly, be headed to Hollywood!

The Hollywood phase of American Idol begins next Wednesday. The pressure for the competitors who have made it there will be intense. A scene from the Wednesday episode showed one of the female contestants overcome with the emotions and pressure, and trying to regain her composure. The level of intensity is going to be kicked up another notch, so be sure to tune in and watch, then check back here to read the recap/review and watch the videos from the episode!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Photo by Heather Sokol – Flickr License

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