Asthma and the Common Cuprit


Millions upon millions of American are plagued by the inability to breathe, something most people likely take for granted. According to the American Medical Association, there is no cure for the widely suffered condition known as asthma. Though research shows the agitating culprit which inflames, and may even be the root cause of this common ailment, might be right beneath our nose and simpler to relieve than previously thought.

An asthma attack is characterized by the tightening of muscles supporting the bronchial airways including the inflammation and swelling of those airways, producing much thicker mucus than normal. The combination of the restricted airways coupled with thick mucus makes it nearly impossible to breath, sending people into a wheezing asthma attack that can threaten their lives.

Though numbers of asthma sufferers seem to have increased over the years, one key dietary element has also greatly seen a climb in consumption rates and that is the intake of dairy. Since 1960, the amount of dairy eaten by people in developed countries has more than doubled. Though scientists and doctors alike will report that dairy has no link to mucus production, the fastest way to know is to test the theory. If one eliminates dairy from the diet for one week, results will become clear.

The numbers are rising, contrary to medical suggestion and even scientific studies, that removing dairy from the diet can cause asthmatic symptoms to completely cease, never to return as long as dairy is not reintroduced. According to Robert Cohen, author of Milk the Deadly Poison, regular dairy eaters store up to three quarts of extra mucus in their body kept in the organs.

Though doctors fail to make the dairy-mucus connection the chain of events are like follows: Milk is high in protein, that protein is 80 percent casein, which is basically the exact same glue that keeps wood together in furniture. Casein is used in the glue that affixes labels to bottles, such as in the case of beer. When this sticky glue is consumed, loaded in dairy products, it creates a histamine reaction in the human body. Casein makes histamines. The natural response of the body to histamines is to create more mucus, just like when there is any other allergy and any other histamine response.

The body creates extra mucus on purpose, in order to trap offending pollens or other toxins in its sticky web to carry from the body. However, when the histamine response is perpetual, in the case of frequent, daily dairy consumption, the body does not have time to reduce histamine response and eliminate extra mucus from the body.

That extra mucus, produced by excessive histamine release and repeatedly stored in the body, makes it hard to breathe. Therefore it is clear that asthma relief can be found by relieving one’s system of the common culprit of dairy and dairy products. When the body is cleared of these mucus-forming foods, allergies and asthma alike can clear up within a very short period of time as is relayed in numerous cases of sufferers who decided to try another way (see sources below).

Though modern medicine claims there is no cure for the often debilitating condition of asthma, a little research, experimentation and some common sense tells one the culprit just might be in the refrigerator. Before accepting asthma as a life-long condition, it might be worth a try to cut out all that cheese and cream for a week and see what happens.

By Stasia Bliss


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