Atlanta Shooting Being Investigated


Atlanta Police are reporting a shooting that took place in a home where two victims were hit in the attack. The shooting took place by Atlanta Avenue on Hill Street.  A man and a woman inside of the Southeast Atlanta house were both struck by gunfire when someone fired into the house from outside. What their relationship to each other is has not been reported yet by police.  No reports on their condition have been given at this time, but the presumption is that they are still alive for the time being.

Investigators are searching for a vehicle thought to possibly be involved in the crime. A white Lexus was spotted by witnesses departing the scene shortly after the gunfire stopped. Authorities are continuing their investigation and are actively searching for the shooters. As that investigation and pursuit continue, more details about the incident are expected to be revealed. No description of the actual suspects has been made available, only that they may have been driving the aforementioned Lexus.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Daniel X. O’Neil – Flickr License

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