Tacoma Teenager Shot in Fight


Tacoma, Washington Police report that they are investigating the shooting of a teenager as a result of a fight between a group of young people outside of a Fred Meyer store. The fight broke out in front of the store near Pacific and 72nd Street, and one of the teenagers pulled out a gun during the altercation. One shot was fired, and it hit one of the other young men. He is currently being treated for a non-life threatening wound to the calf.

According to Tacoma Police, they were aware of the reason that the fight had started, though they did not share that information. They have said that they are continuing to pursue the investigation. No arrests have been announced, nor any indication given that they have been able to determine the exact identity of the shooter. More information may be forthcoming as they are able to ascertain the specifics of the evening’s events.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Gexydaf – Flickr License

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