Shooting in Missouri Chuck E. Cheese

St. Charles, Missouri police have reported a shooting which took place inside of a local Chuck E. Cheese restaurant. The incident occurred at the location in St. Charles on Veterans Memorial Parkway. Police have indicated that one person was injured in the altercation, and that they are being treated at the hospital. The last report had them in serious condition. No information has yet been released about the victim, other than that they were the only person to be hurt. No children in the restaurant at the time sustained any injuries.

Police believe that there were two people involved in the shooting, and they are currently actively pursuing those individuals. No descriptions or names have been made public with respect to the two suspects, but they are still currently at large. No indications of motive, or whether the assailants and victim knew each other prior to the shooting, have been given by authorities. More information is expected to be released as the investigation continues.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Wil C. Fry – Flickr License

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  1. will1001   January 27, 2015 at 5:23 am

    The crime from North St. Louis County is bleeding over into St. Charles. This won’t be a recognizable city 10 years from now and it is a shame. Chucky Cheese will be out of business very soon at this location.


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