Baltimore Police Involved Shooting


Baltimore Police are currently investigating a officer-involved shooting that took place Saturday night resulting in a fatality. The incident took place around the 1900 block of McHenry Street. According to authorities, an officer was on routine patrol when he was flagged down by an individual. This individual apparently told the policeman that there was a man in his 20s nearby threatening to stab people.

The officer located the alleged suspect, who had a knife. According to Baltimore Police, the officer ordered the suspect to drop the knife. The subject ignored the officers orders to put down his bladed weapon or obey any of the officer commands. The officer than shot the suspect a single time in the chest.

According to authorities, correct procedures were followed and the correct notifications were made along with trying to help the suspect after shooting him until medical aid could arrive. The police report that the suspect did receive medical treatment quickly, however died as a result of the gunshot at the hospital.

An standard investigation into the officer related shooting will be conducted. At this time, neither the name of the officer or the suspect has been released.

By Carl Auer

Photo by Spam – Flickr License

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