Beethoven Used His Ailment to Compose – You Can Too


According to recent studies at both the University of Michigan and the University of Washington, where a team of well-rounded specialists analyzed Beethoven’s music for correlation with his heart arrhythmia, conclusions have been draw that he may have used his ailment to help him composes his greatest works. With the help of a historian in the medical field, a cardiologist and a music specialist, they were able to determine, based on patterns in Beethoven’s compositions, an irregular heartbeat most likely inspired certain changes in keys. If this is so, and one of the greatest composers of our time used a bodily mishap to create genius works of art, the possibilities are available for anyone.

Often times, seeming obstacles open previously unseen doorways as they cause one to reach deeper than what would ordinarily be expected. Take for example people who were born without limbs accomplishing incredible feats like champion gymnast Jennifer Bricker, born without legs, or Nick Vujicic, born without arms or legs who has become a famous motivational speaker. In Beethoven’s case, it seems his inability to hear may have just have enhanced his attunement with his heart condition, lending added value to his music.

Looking at ones own ailments or “shortcomings” could offer insight, like Beethoven, into how to compose one’s life with greater success rather than leading one down the path of self-pity and defeat. When the “negative” can be perceived as the gift and even the advantage, this is when true insights into how one may thrive and overcome can be realized.

It is easy to fall into the thinking that with a specific disease, malformation, or even debilitating emotional crisis, that life was not meant to “work” in the way it does for others. Had Beethoven thought this way, he would surely not be still considered one of the greatest genius composers of all times. Not only was Ludwig Van Beethoven deaf with a heart murmur, he was also said to suffer from liver disease, an inflammatory condition of the bowels, and some sort of strange abnormal bone destruction.

Science has shown that in the face of stresses, the DNA can unravel to reveal more of its genetic coding. Perhaps conditions of discomfort and pain can inspire individuals to greatness more than a life of ease and constant joy.

If Beethoven really did use the arrhythmia of his heart condition to compose great works, it seems plausible that every person on the planet could utilize their specific ailments to compose the greatness of their life, perhaps even more masterfully than without the given stressors. One need only examine the areas of life where stress or mishap seem to be emphasized and find new and creative ways of using those blessings-in-disguise to craft a life that is full of surprising miracles and memorable possibilities. Though it is easy to get caught up in the struggle of challenges, Beethoven offers a boost of confidence to anyone seeking to overcome hardship by simply owning it and “rising to the occasion” no matter how out of tune it may feel.

By Stasia Bliss


New York Post




Image by Joseph Carl Stieler, 1820 – License WikiCommons

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