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Starting back in September, Apple’s new “phablet” design for the iPhone 6 has lowered Android’s shares considerably. Android hopes to regain their shares by expanding the quality of their products by partnering with Microsoft. All of the programs included in the Microsoft Office package are offered for free, but since it is only a preview, not all the features will be available.

The new iPhone 6 design, with the larger screens, according to Kantar Worldpanel, a renowned market research firm, has expanded the tech company’s shares on a global scale. They conducted detailed market surveys in nine nations.

In the United States alone, Apple’s sales grew to 47.4 percent from 43.1 percent in 2013. In Australia, smartphone sales increased to 44.9 percent from the 35 percent from the previous year. France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, and Italy combined saw the tech savvy enterprise’s shares extend from 17.5 percent to 23.8 percent.

During the same survey, Android’s shares were recorded to be lower in five of the nine, only increasing in China. In the United States, shares dropped two percent from 50.4 percent to 48.4 percent. In Australia, it dropped a bigger amount from 55.1 percent to 45 percent. In the five European nations, share of sales lowered to 66.8 percent from 69.9 percent. In China, local manufacturers helped shares to elevate to 80.4 percent from 78.6 percent.

Tamsin Timpson, the Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Asia strategic insight director, said that is was due to the wide variety of products offered in China that have helped to secure the company’s sales. Therefore, Android’s decision to expand on the quality of their products in the US and elsewhere with Microsoft may be a worthwhile venture for the tech giant. However, both parties stand to benefit from the merger.

In the past, the Office programs were only meant for Windows operating systems, whereas smartphones and tablets were never a thought behind the app’s creation. Now, however, Microsoft has an Office Mobile app for smartphones and persons with a subscription to Office 365. The uses and restrictions behind the app differ for iOS and Android devices considerably if inspected with a critical eye.

For the customers who use the software via iOS, there is an immediate open door into the basic features to programs like Word or PowerPoint. For customers with a green robot on their start up screen, a preview can be downloaded for use, but full features are only accessible through those who become subscribers to the Office 365 software.

Via download from Google Play, Android customers can procure the preview “freemium” program. The full versions are still unavailable to the public as the software developers part of Office 365 crave reviews of their apps prior to the main release. The team said they want more information on how the program works with the different Android products before unveiling the complete version.

Comments and reviews are welcome. If anyone wants to provide feedback for the software gurus, just visit the Google+ Microsoft Office Preview community. The final version is scheduled to be unveiled in the first half of 2015. The product quality of Android’s new technology, courtesy of the partnership with Microsoft is something to look forward to.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

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