BlackBerry Messenger Coming to Android Wear Very Soon

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger will be coming to Android Wear very soon, according to recent reports. It is the tech company’s attempt to make it back into the market after a number of years of disappointing sales. BlackBerry made the announcement at its CES event.

It is not the first tech company to discuss ventures with Android. Microsoft recently admitted that allowing Android apps on its devices is still a possibility. The Windows company is still trying to get into the market with its mobile devices, but struggling due to developers not wanting to make Windows apps. It means Microsoft needs to act on this, and one option could be to allow Android apps to be placed on the devices instead. However, that will mean its own apps become obsolete.

BlackBerry is simply trying to use its competition to its advantage. The idea to connecting to Android Wear devices is to make it easier for people to check the messages. Everything would appear straight the smartwatch, and people will be able to respond quickly. It will also work with voice commands, along with Google Now, so people can respond to BlackBerry Messenger messages without typing.

BlackBerry has connected to Android in the past. It created the BlackBerry Messenger app for Android phones, so it will be easy for it to come to Android Wear very soon. This move is just the first step for cross-platform wearable technology, and more is presumably going to follow. The company hopes that eventually most of the owners of wearable devices will use the messenger app on the go.

Right now, there is no confirmation of when BlackBerry Messenger will come to the wearable devices. For now, the company has just said “soon.” However, it seems that the updated BBM Android app has been the most pressing feature to update. It needed new features for the most recent Android operating system, 5.0 Lollipop.

Some of the latest features added to BlackBerry Messenger for Android include the ability to put it into landscape mode, add attachments and photos straight from an SD card and see when people have viewed pictures sent. There is also the ability to view timed messages and pictures on multiple occasions until the timer has expired.

During the CES trade show, BlackBerry did show off the Messenger for the smartwatch. People were able to see how messages would be received, along with the different ways to reply to them. The benefit is that people can reply while on the go, without pulling out a phone. It will be extremely beneficial for businesspeople who do need to do everything hands-free. The two will connect via Bluetooth.

Jeff Gadway, BlackBerry’s director of enterprise products, said that he expects BlackBerry Messenger to be available on the devices within two months. It will work with various smartwatches, including the Galaxy Gear S by Samsung and Moto’s 360.

There is the question over whether there is the demand for smartwatches right now. However, it seems like BlackBerry is looking at the possibility of the future. It is considering the benefits and how they can help various types of businesses. It seems to make sense for BlackBerry Messenger to come to the Android Wear very soon.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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