Bruce Jenner Shooting Docuseries Detailing ‘Journey’

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Former Olympian Bruce Jenner, patriarch to the Kardashian-Jenner clan, is reportedly shooting a docuseries detailing his journey (as stepdaughter Kim refers to it),  and the changes he has been going through over the years. Sources say that footage has already been shot over the past few months, and that the series is said to air on television following its completion.

The footage in question is said to contain an extremely personal viewpoint from Jenner’s perspective on how he and his family have dealt with what he has been going through for quite some time now, and also the manner in which now ex-wife Kris handled hearing her children’s father express his wishes for the direction in which to take his life. An insider with the production company recently spoke to TMZ and gave details to an instance when the mother of six reportedly “lost it” at one point in the conversation when Jenner was explaining the situation and exactly what he had decided he wanted to do.

All of the children involved, however (the Kardashian clan consists of Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe; with the Jenner side containing Kylie, Kendall, Brandon, Brody, and Burt) are said to have been extremely supportive the entire time. The kids have reportedly shown their father nothing but respect and appreciation for the journey he is currently going through and have been there for him no matter what he needs to become better adjusted to the changes he has decided to make.

The news that the 65-year-old will be airing the details of these circumstances on public television comes as something of a surprise to many, as it was only yesterday that Kim Kardashian sat down with Entertainment Tonight and discussed the very possibility of her stepfather’s new life being documented on film. She seemingly dismissed the idea, saying that it was not a situation that would be filmed and made available for viewing by the public. This, however, does not appear to have been true; it is also possible that Kardashian was just being evasive, as she had already said multiple times that she was not interested in telling what she viewed to be as Jenner’s story to tell, not hers.

The interview in question also contained the 34-year-old’s statement that she and the rest of the family would back up their father no matter what, and that they 100 percent stood in solidarity regarding his personal choices and protecting him from blatant public disrespect and attempted humiliation for the changes he is choosing to go through. There was much speculation that this is why she and her sisters chose to take a group picture with Jenner that was subsequently uploaded to Instagram with the caption “family first”, but Kardashian insists that this was more a situation of coincidence than anything else (she says all the girls were simply at Jenner’s house and wanted to take a photograph together.)

It remains to be seen exactly what this journey and transformation that Bruce Jenner has been going through is. There is not yet any news on when this docuseries will be televised, but sources say it is most definitely still in the works.

By Rebecca Grace

People Magazine
Photo by Nakeva Corothers – License