CES 2015 Will See Pixi 3 Phones and Affordable Smartwatch From Alcatel

CES 2015

The upcoming CES 2015 event slated this week will see Pixi 3 series phones and an “affordable” smartwatch from Alcatel, as the latter announced some of its plans for the show. International CES 2015 already has a series of announcements to give a glimpse of the event.

Alcatel Onetouch expresses its commitment to bring recent technological innovations to the majority, but has not announced the prices of Pixi 3 series and the smartwatch yet. However, tech site NDTV Gadgets said it will likely be in the lower tier segment.

Alcatel’s Pixi 3 comes in various sizes – in inches of 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5. The 3.5-inch model tops out 3G connectivity while models 4, 4.5 and 5-inch are LTE-ready. The phones run on Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS, as they are meant to be flexible and OS-agnostic. The Pixi 3 series are loaded with popular applications and feature easy customization.

Pixi 3 will undoubtedly succeed the original Pixi in 2013 and Pixi 2 launched in 2014. Pixi  and Pixi 2 series only run Android. While CES 2015 will see the Pixi 3 OS-agnostic phones and affordable smartwatch from Alcatel, the OEM has not detailed the OS agnostic offering yet. GSM Arena thinks it is more likely that each size come in three versions, each for Android, Firefox and WP, than having all the three OS on a single device.

Alcatel aims to make the 4G LTE within the reach of many. Pixi is the first Pixi series to offer 4G.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Dan Dery of Alcatel OneTouch, users do not want complicated systems, but the familiar things they are used in the office, which they love to see on a smartphone. The Pixi 3 series offers cross-device integration, where consumers get simplicity of use from smartphones through PCs, with similar systems at the office, at home or when traveling. In its aim to present various mobile operating systems to consumers, Alcatel worked with Mozilla since last year, to come up with Firefox OS on its FIRE phones.

Alcatel’s smartwatch to launch at CES 2015 is a circular, metal, elegant and attractive Android device. Though it looks and feel like a watch, it is much smarter. It is applied with a compact design, fine finishing, apps and sensor, to look and feel similar to the typical watch. It opens a new category – the affordable smartwatch, which, according to Alcatel, is at a fraction of the cost of its rivals.

Alcatel smartwatch is capable of monitoring daily activity, for its user’s health and wellness. Furthermore, it can connect to Android smartphones to do some functions like taking photos, controlling music and receiving notifications.

The Alcatel Onetouch booth at the International CES 2015 will enable people to test products and try the Interactive Color Run, which can blast the booth, aside from its product launches. It is a five-kilometer race wherein runners are soaked with a color in every kilometer, with a virtual video wall that will show the scrolling speed or the runner’s speed, as well as the landscape.

Gamers should win by throwing colored sand at people’s images as they run. Four of the various smartwatch functions will also be shown on the screen. There will be more exciting things and innovations to see, but indeed CES 2015 attendees will see Pixi 3 OS-agnostic phones and affordable smartwatch from Alcatel this week.

By Judith Aparri

Android Central
GSM Arena
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Photo courtesy of Isriya Paireepairit – Flickr License

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