Disney Infinity Releases Marvel Villains as Playable Characters [Videos]

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Disney Infinity is one of the most popular toy-to-life video games on the market and it has just released a new wave of playable characters. The latest additions to the Infinity family derive from the Marvel universe and may have been seen antagonizing some of the country’s favorite super heroes over the past couple years.

Marvel villains are the new commodity amongst the Disney Infinity world. On Jan. 13, the likes of the Green Goblin from the Spider-Man franchise as well as Ronan the Accuser and Yondu from Guardians of the Galaxy made their way onto retailers’ shelves across the nation. The three characters have been seen in the game before for those that have played the mission-based adventures called playsets based on the two aforementioned franchises. Although they were previously seen in the game’s story mode upon Disney Infinity 2.0’s release last fall, this January marks the first time players can actually take control of these villainous individuals.

Yondu is a fan favorite from the 2014 summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy and is considered more of a middle-ground mercenary as opposed to a villain. Ronan, however is the main antagonist in the Marvel film as well as in the Guardians playset. The Green Goblin was seen in the most recent Spidey film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and serves as the primary villain in the playset based on Spider-Man. The Goblin features a new appearance, one that is original to Disney Infinity and does not reflect past feature film versions. Yondu and Ronan both resemble their appearance displayed in the film, with the signature Disney Infinity flair that creates a toy-like look for the characters.

Disney Interactive released the latest version of the game in September of 2014, but the title still manages to remain at the forefront with constant updates and additions. The marketing strategy on the company’s part is rather brilliant as the gradual release of figures throughout the year keep players on the edge in anticipation of the next character they can add to their collection.

The original Disney Infinity game featured avatars that came solely from Disney and Pixar films and TV shows, whereas the 2.0 edition introduced Marvel super heroes and villains into the mix. Disney characters are still joining the family as well with new characters like Maleficent, Merida and Stitch being available now. One of the most cherished Disney princesses is scheduled to be released next month, keeping the original brand in the limelight. Princess Jasmine from Aladdin hits stores on Feb. 3, 2015 and will available as a stand-alone figure and as a dual-pack with Aladdin himself.

Rumors and hints dropped by Disney Interactive executives insinuate that the world of Star Wars will be the next franchise to join in the fun, as Disney now owns LucasArts in addition to Marvel. This addition only makes sense, as the new trilogy of Star Wars films is scheduled to launch with Episode VII: The Force Awakens this December.

The release of Marvel villains as playable characters in Disney Infinity shows great promise that the title will be around for quite some time. Yondu, Ronan and the Green Goblin are available now, wherever video games are sold. Preview videos of each character can be viewed below.

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  1. beepela   January 19, 2015 at 6:44 am

    Hey, just FYI, the Green Goblin, like the rest of the Spider-Man playset characters, is based on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, and not the films (which Marvel/Disney do not have the rights to).


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