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The Obama administration, along with other White House officials have announced plans for a meeting with other global governments to respond to the extremist attacks of late. The attack at the Charlie Hebdo satirical newspaper building, along with earlier attacks in both Canada and Australia have scared many Americans. A poll was taken on what the citizens of the American nation believe will happen next.

The poll was released on Sunday and a whopping 65 percent of Americans are fearful of an attack later this year. A less reassuring figure of 26 percent are confident no such attack will occur. President Obama and his staff are planning to concoct a strategy to lower the number of Americans that could be recruited by terrorist cells, such as the Islamic State or Al Qaeda. The summit will be held at the White House on Feb. 18.

The press secretary for the White House, Josh Earnest, made a statement about the workings of the summit meeting. He mentioned the meeting will involve representatives from a select few partner nations, with intense focus on community and religious leader engagement. Through discussions and presentations, participants will expand upon every level of government, and international efforts to better identify and prevent the radicalization to extremism in the United States and nations around the globe yet to be attacked, or even attacked a second time in some cases.

On a domestic level, US cities like Los Angeles and Boston have taken a charge into bettering the safety of their communities by pioneering new crime prevention programs. While there is no news on state reactions, federal and international governments are marching to take even more responsibility. The US, and a handful of other nations, which have yet to be identified, will be marshalling out a response plan at the White House to carefully tackle the extremism issue.

The French ambassador with the US, Gerard Araud, spoke up to say that a concrete strategy will need to include mutual information, law enforcement, military strength, and most importantly, cooperation from the Muslim countries on the front lines of the disaster. Their cooperation will be vital as they are ground zero for the extremism faction.

Araud also stated that France was not singled out, but chosen because it was viewed as a Western democracy, and that any European nation could have been targeted just as easily. And he mentioned how the US could easily be next on the list.

Attorney General Eric Holder went on ABC and gave his own statement. Holder said that there must come a plan to decrease the chances of citizens adhering to, or even being swayed by the extremism ideology. At the same time, he made sure to avoid radical Islam when asked if the US held any issue with the ideology.

By avoiding the sensitive topic, Holden may have stalled any attacks as France was only targeted after the satirical newspaper disrespected the Islamic religion. It may prove useful and buy time for the White House summit to develop a concrete response plan to the extremism efforts.

By Matthew Austin Bowers

Washington Times
ABC News

Photo by Trevor McGoldrick – Flickr License

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  1. Mary   January 12, 2015 at 5:27 pm

    I think it is a good idea for the meeting, maybe and hopefully it will do some good.


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