Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Shares Details on Divorce From Ashlee Simpson


Pete Wentz, lead bassist of popular alt. rock band Fall Out Boy, has opened up and shared detailing regarding his 2011 divorce from former pop singer and actress Ashlee Simpson, to whom he was married to for approximately three years. The rocker gave an intimate interview with Horward Stern this past Tuesday, in which he explained in depth the trials and tribulations the couple went through before finally calling it quits for good.

In the interview, hosted on the 61-year-old’s Sirius XM radio show, Wentz was asked exactly what went wrong in the pair’s union. He attributed their uncoupling mostly due to their young age at the time of their union, given that they were also parents to son Bronx (born in November 2008, seven months after the pair got married.) The 35-year-old admitted that he was perhaps not as ready for such an intense commitment as he had previously thought, and that it was possible that neither was his wife. The hiatus the rocker took from Fall Out Boy following the birth of the couple’s son is also said to have taken a major toll on his emotional state, something that Wentz has never exactly had the easiest time with given his struggles with bipolar disorder and depression (mental health issues that led to a suicide attempt three years prior to marriage taking place).

The Illinois native confessed to Stern that after breaking away from the band, he found himself losing his identity. He says that what an individual does for a passion in essence is who they are, and therefore once they cease doing this activity they begin to not know themselves as a person any more in many ways. While he in no way regrets becoming a father and taking the time to raise his child, Wentz says that being a parent became the only thing he began to see himself as after a while and that put some definite strain on the marriage in terms of how his and Simpson’s relationship was handled.

The FOB lyricist also attributes their young age to their inability to know how to engage in what he referred to as healthy fighting, in that a couple can express their discontent on a certain matter when an issue comes up without it becoming “the” issue that breaks the relationship apart simply because one of them gets upset that the other is unhappy. Wentz described the couple’s tendency to keep things bottled up as to not have an argument, a habit which he says eventually led to every argument being an absolute blow-out and becoming the end of the world.

In terms of their co-parenting, however, Wentz says that the pair are still friends and committed to raising their son on a united front. They have a split custody arrangement that he says is very flexible, with Bronx sometimes coming with him and his newly reunited band on tour, versus sometimes staying with Simpson for the periods of time in which he is away.

Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz has finally opened up regarding the details behind his divorce from ex-wife Ashlee Simpson. In terms of the reasoning behind their split being legitimate or not, Jessica’s younger sister has yet to respond to her former husband’s interview.

By Rebecca Grace

Us Weekly
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