Farrah Abraham Reveals Botched Lip Surgery

Farrah Abraham

Farrah Abraham revealed her botched lip surgery through a post on Twitter. She showed the things that can go wrong, trying to make light of the situation. It was a way to warn her fans that plastic surgery is not always perfect.

The Teen Mom star captioned the photo “girlfriends don’t say I didn’t warn ya!” According to Abraham, she had an allergic reaction to some of the anesthetic used during the procedure. It was a relatively new procedure that she went through, where a doctor uses implants in the lips of patients to make them look bigger.

However, the 23-year-old remained upbeat and joked about the situation. She compared herself to Leela from Futurama, who also has large lips. The side image of her lips shows how her lips now protrude past her chin.

According to Us Weekly, the reality TV star had researched a new procedure to use lip implants. She made sure she found a California specialist, and it would have gone well if it was not for an allergic reaction. There are plans to correct the damage that occurred, and she will reportedly use Bravo’s Tabasum Mir to help.

Abraham revealed the botched lip surgery as a way to warn her fans about the dangers of changing their body image. She wanted to make sure people did their research, and checked everything possible before going under the knife.

This is not the first time the reality-turned-porn star has gone under the knife. The single mother says that she has had two boob jobs, a nose job and chin implants. All of this is presumably for her career.

Abraham did talk to Hollywood Life about her botched lip surgery. She shared that she had to go to the emergency room due to the attack that she had from the medication used. In the end, the implants were never placed in her lips, and hospital doctors have told the surgeon the steps that he should not have taken. She has refrained from naming the specialist, but she does not recommend South California doctors that are “top rated.”

During the interview, she acknowledged that it was a mistake to trust a new doctor. The next time she wants surgery, she will go to those who have done it in the past and she can trust. She may need it too, as her lips may not return to their normal size due to the reaction that she had to the medication. She had been off medication for five days at the time of the interview so her body could heal from the attack.

The Teen Mom star had an eventful 2014, and it looks like 2015 is set to continue. However, not fully in the way that she would like. Rather than get upset about her new look, the reality star has taken it in her stride and made jokes about it by comparing herself to the popular Futurama character. The photo Abraham shared on Twitter to reveal the botched lip surgery was mainly there to warn others who were tempted to give plastic surgery a go.

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