Game of Thrones Book Six Delayed Until 2016

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Game of Thrones has become one of the most popular television shows in the world since its original air date in 2011. The book series that the show is based on, A Song of Ice and Fire, has been performing extremely well in the literary world, but recent news on the series states that book six of the saga will not be released in 2015 as many readers were anticipating. Instead, the sixth title will be delayed a release until 2016 at the earliest.

The mastermind behind the creation of Game of Thrones and the author of the Song of Ice and Fire saga, George R. R. Martin confirmed the delay of the new book with The Guardian earlier this week. A representative from Martin’s publisher, HarperCollins, backed up the author’s statement, attempting to ease the oncoming frustrations from many long-waiting fans.

Jane Johnson is the rep from HarperCollins who spoke to the press regarding Martin’s sixth book, The Winds of Winter. Johnson stated that there is still no confirmed date for the book’s release and that readers must understand the immense complexity of the Game of Thrones novels, as they require a great amount of intricate concentration. The large amount of fine detail Martin has put into these books is simply astounding and in order for him to continue his same level of quality work, much time must be put into the writing and creation process.

Johnson from HarperCollins continued her statement by informing readers that one should really take the time to appreciate the vast length of the Game of Thrones novels. The publisher pointed out the fact that Martin’s books average over one thousand pages in length for each title. That is the equivalent to two or sometimes even three books of any one author who pens out their novels on a more consistent basis. The growing need of instant-gratification in modern culture is to blame for the impatience of readers, so Martin is to be applauded for taking the time needed to produce quality work and not push out half-made products for the sake of time.

The first book of the Song of Ice and Fire series was titled A Game of Thrones and originally published in 1996. There was a two year waiting period between the release of both the first and second novel, titled A Clash of Kings, and another two years between book two and three, which is called A Storm of Swords. The super lengthy waits began after A Storm of Swords was published in 2000 and audiences did not see the fourth novel, A Feast for Crows, until 2005. The fifth and most recent installment, A Dance With Dragons, was published in 2011 and sold extremely well due to the high publicity the series acquired with the release of the Game of Thrones TV show.

The Winds of Winter, the sixth book in the epic Game of Thrones series, A Song of Ice and Fire, will not make its way onto shelves until 2016. In the meantime, those that have not read Martin’s epic saga can catch up on the five previously published books and also see the return of the HBO television series when season five of Game of Thrones premieres on April 12, 2015.

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