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HudgensNot only is actress Vanessa Hudgens preparing for her latest role in Gigi on Broadway, but she is also inspiring style for the junior fashion brand Bongo. The clothing line which is exclusive to Sears and Kmart stores, has chosen to use the actress’ own style and closet as an inspiration for their new spring 2015 collection. While not only did Hudgens have a hand in designing the line, she will also be the face of the collection. This is not the first time that the actress has been the face of Bongo, in fact the actress has modeled for the fashion line for a few seasons including one campaign in which the photos were completely unretouched. In this latest campaign the actress can be seen modeling an assortment of swimsuit bottoms paired with crop tops.

For the new Bongo spring collection, the designers were inspired by the outfits that were already hanging in the stars closet. The designs are based on an idea that represents Hudgens in an organic manner. As part of the line the designers created pencil skirts that have matching crop tops, dresses that were flirty with cute prints, sweaters and other pieces that are a blend of chic and bohemian style. This description easily fits the actress herself and the designers chose to work with this aesthetic in an effort to create a unique and highly appealing new collection.

When asked to describe herself, the actress said that she feels like she is a blend of chic, daring and bohemian. With much of the collection being inspired by Hudgens personal fashion style, designers also chose to incorporate the actress’ love of music festivals such as the spring Coachella music festival. Fans of the actress will have a chance to pick up a few pieces inspired by her love of music festivals along with pieces that can be layered and those that would just be considered fun.

Even in a line inspired by her personal style, Hudgens still has her own favorites. One of those favorite pieces is a jacket that is motorcycle inspired and comes in black. She called the piece both versatile and cute. Another piece the actress prefered from the collection was a skirt with a mix of gray, white and black. She described the skirt as having a V-line.

Since Hudgens move to New York City for her role in Gigi, the actress admits that her style has changed some. She believes her new look is more of a layered appearance versus her previous style. As a California girl, Hudgens says she does not do well in the cold weather, so her style has evolved to include a lot of black as well as a lot of layers.

This new collaboration makes this the first time that the brand has ever worked with a celebrity to produce a collection. For fans of the actress and her style, the pieces will be available at Kmart, Sears and the Bongo website. The collection can be found under the name, Best of Vanessa’s Style. With an ever changing sense of style, Hudgens may continue to be a fashion inspiration.

By Kimberley Spinney



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