Game of Thrones Coming to IMAX

Game of Thrones

Popular HBO show Game of Thrones is coming to IMAX theaters. It is the first TV show to see this happen, and will be available at a select number of theaters. Fans will be able to see two of the episodes, along with an exclusive trailer for season five of the show.

HBO has allowed the final two episodes of season four Game of Thrones to air in the IMAX theaters. It will be an exciting way for fans to see the show round up the Tyrion in jail storyline, as they wait for the fifth season.

HBO chief marketing officer Pamela Levine said that the company is always looking for ways to provide new ways for fans to experience the show. The two key episodes offer a great opportunity to bring the magic to the big screen. It helps that the show as a whole has a grand scale and cinematic approach to filming. It is the perfect show to air on IMAX format to see how the public reacts.

The two season four episodes will be digitally remastered so they look amazing on the screen. The exclusive trailer for the upcoming Game of Thrones season is also coming to IMAX theaters, and will get people intrigued. It is due to start back around April 2015 on HBO.

There is only a limited time period to catch the hit show. From January 23 to January 29, 150 IMAX theaters will air the show. The theater website will have all ticketing and screening information for those wanting to be included in the experience.

Game of Thrones is certainly the most-watched show on HBO. It makes sense for the company to push for that one to get cinematic release. The show gained 19 Emmy nominations in 2014 alone.

It also hit the top spot of the most-downloaded shows in 2014, miles ahead of The Walking Dead, which took the second spot. More than eight million people downloaded the program illegally for various reasons. One of those is reportedly due to HBO not having an online streaming service without the need of buying the cable package, while another is due to the delay it takes for international audiences to get it on their own TV screen.

HBO is countering the streaming service problem. At the end of 2014, the company informed viewers that there would be a standalone streaming service. There have been no price plans announced at the moment, and no official start date. It is expected that the streaming service will be available for Game of Thrones season five.

It looks like HBO will see how airing the final two episodes of season four at IMAX theaters turns out before making a decision moving forward. This could set up a precedent for other shows to air in theaters, especially those that have a more cinematic approach. For now, it is a very new but exciting thing. Game of Thrones will be the first every TV show to be aired in IMAX theaters for one week only this month.

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