Ghostbusters Reboot All-Female Cast Revealed


Rumors about the reboot of the classic comedic film Ghostbusters have been running around Hollywood for quite some time now. The official all-female cast of principal characters for the remake has now been revealed and fans are ecstatic.

The women of the new Ghostbusters include that of Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig from Bridesmaids fame as well as Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon who can currently be seen starring on Saturday Night Live each week. Paul Feig is signed on to direct the film, a perfect match as he helmed Bridesmaids and was able to create comedic magic with McCarthy and Wiig and will hopefully do so again with Ghostbusters.

In addition to Saturday Night Live, Jones is also a featured as a supporting role in Chris Rock’s new comedy Top Five, which is still in theaters. McKinnon was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award last year for her performance on SNL and was also recently announced as one of the leading voices to be featured in the upcoming animated film based on the Angry Birds video game franchise.

McCarthy had been in talks to star in the Ghostbusters reboot ever since whispers of the film’s origin began to run amuck. The star never confirmed her involvement, being questioned about it multiple times on various talk shows, but continued to state that she was “open to auditioning” for the film. It was confirmed this morning that the Mike & Molly actress is indeed signed on to star and the other three actresses are currently in negotiations with the movie’s producers.

The director of the original Ghostbusters film, Ivan Reitman, was initially intended to direct the new film. Original cast members Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis were also interested in reprising their parts for the reboot. The fourth member of the original Ghostbusters, Bill Murray, remained reluctant to join his former co-stars and stated he was not interested in reprising his role. When Ramis unfortunately passed away last year, Reitman bowed out of the director’s chair and then it was Feig who was approached to direct. Feig then brought up the idea of recreating the film with an all-female cast, being that a great number of female comedic actors are currently in Hollywood’s limelight. Feig’s wish has now been granted, at last.

This project with mark the Bridesmaids director’s fourth collaboration with his seemingly favorite funny girl, McCarthy. Bridewmaids was, of course the first, then The Heat alongside Sandra Bullock followed and now their third endeavor, Spy, is due to be released this May. The two seem to work well together as McCarthy’s projects directed by Feig seem to be much more well-received than some of her others like Tammy. Bridesmaids and The Heat were both box office successes and Spy has reportedly done very well with test audiences and is anticipated to see a healthy run at the box office.

The all-female cast of Ghostbusters has now been revealed and comedy fans everywhere are undoubtedly raving about the hilarity that is sure to ensue. The film does not have a release date yet, the only known fact is that the movie is scheduled to begin shooting in New York City this summer.

By Cody Collier

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