‘American Idol’: Auditions Night #7 Continue [Recap & Video]

American Idol

On  American Idol tonight, the auditions phase of the season is winding down, with Auditions Night #7 taking place in San Francisco. Tonight and tomorrow night, the final Gold Tickets will be rewarded to the fortunate few talented singers that the American Idol judges deem have that certain quality in their singing performances which just might make him or her the next American Idol.

The episode of American Idol began with…some rather unusual singing by a gentleman dressed very patriotically in red, white and blue. As host Ryan Seacrest put it, there are a lot of people in San Francisco who have their own unique sense of “individuality.”

Katherine Skinner, 15, was the first person to audition on American Idol. She has a cat who is 19 years old, and supposedly tells her “tests she is going to fail.” She claimed that “Bowie gave me this coat.” She sang Shake It Out by Florence and the Machine. She did a pretty amazing job of singing it, actually.

“Who asked you to audition today?” Harry asked her. She told him it was her cat that asked her.

Jennifer Lopez said “You threw me,” with talking about her cat and that David Bowie gave her the coat.

Harry said “I liked the stories.” All of the judges gave her “yes,” votes, proving…the cat knew what he was meowing about.

Next up was a trio of contestants, two females and one male, back-to-back. Erika David sang an Alicia Keys song. Chandler Leighton was the other female who sang, and she also did a fantastic job, singing New York State of Mind. Then Ryan Pinkston sang — they all were great. Harry said the singing of Ryan was “pinpoint perfect.” All three received “yes” votes and Gold Tickets though Keith gave a “no” vote to Erika.

The next competitor was Andrew Bloom, 17. He sang the song Too Close, and rocked it out! He was really good at playing the guitar, as well.

“I like it! I like it!” said Jennifer.

“What motivates you to sing really comes through,” Keith said.

Harry said “I like your passion. You’re a really entertaining guy.” He got three “yes” votes and will be going on to Hollywood.

Then, Harry said he wanted to race a friend of Andrew’s, an Olympic sprinter. Andrew brought him in, and Harry said “Here’s what we’re going to do–” about to explain the “rules.”

Jennifer beat him to it, and simply said “On your mark, get set, go!” They raced to the door and Harry was left in the dust.

Harry said “I’m really out of shape.”

Kellyeanne Rodgers was yet another awesome singer, and she easily got the three “yes” votes she needed to get a Gold Ticket to head to Hollywood. Then, viewers were “treated,” to seeing a bunch of the competitors who had no clue how to exit the place once their auditions were over.

After that montage, a singer was featured who comes from a very large family. His whole family was there to cheer him on. Reno told Keith his mom came from a family of 22. He played the ukulele and sang the Rod Stewart song, I Don’t Want to Talk About It. Reno made the song his own, and he had a very melodic voice.

Jennifer said “When you were singing, I believed you.” She said she thought the “runs” distracted from it, though.

Harry told him “great voice,” but added “you only showed us one side of your voice.”

Keith, Jennifer, and Harry all gave him “yes” votes, and then asked him to bring his entire family in to meet them. They all yelled “We love you, Reno!”

When American Idol returned after another commercial break, with half the episode gone by, Samuel Prince, from Puerto Rico, auditioned. He called Jennifer Lopez Puerto Rico’s “Queen.” He asked Jennifer and Harry and Keith to come up and act out a soap opera scene with him, saying that he had been in a soap opera in Puerto Rico. Jennifer acted like she was slapping his face and Samuel fell down. Harry voted “no,” and Keith said “It just didn’t sound like you singing. It was like you were acting rather than singing.” He got all “no” votes.

Another person who tried out, Matthew, also did not get to move on, and he was one of a montage of others who did not get the votes they needed to head to Hollywood. Not every person who tries out, of course, gets to move on; but, the people had to have been very disappointed.

Then, the viewers of America were asked to vote on if a guy who was singing right before a commercial break — Zack Dyer — got the votes he needed to move on to Hollywood. When these segments have so far been aired, the person has always got voted on, this season, at any rate, but Zack did not receive the votes to go to Hollywood.

Next up, Rayvon Owen was featured. “It will be a chance to change my life,” he said. He sang Wide Awake, and he had a very cool voice, which seemed to spellbind the three judges. He was the best of the night so far. Harry said he always has loved that song. Keith told him his “tone was beautiful.”

Harry said “T thought you sounded great and looked great.” Three “yes,” votes later, and Rayvon is going to continue on to the next phase of American Idol in Hollywood!

After yet more commercials, there was time left for a few more competitors to perform on American Idol. The next musical act were twin brothers, Ezekiel and Jeremiah Cardenas. Ezekial played the guitar to start out, while Jeremiah sang. His guitar was very out-of-tune. Jennifer said “You guys need more practice.” They will not be moving on to Hollywood.

Then, the last performer of American Idol, Maddie Hudson, sang Resentment. She told the judges she was “a street performer.” Maddie had a terrific voice, and WAILED on the song. Jennifer told the other judges the singing was giving her “goosebumps all over my legs.’

“You were fantastic!” Jennifer told her. “I’m blown away right now! You’re really one of my favorites.”

“You have all of the ingredients to really be a super star,” Harry told her. “I try to be as honest as I can possibly be. You really have star quality.”

Tomorrow, American Idol will again be in San Francisco, California, for the final night of the audition phase of the season. The last of the Gold Tickets will be handed out, and then, the competitors will face tough competition and the reality that many of them who go to Tinsletown will be cut and will not progress any further in the season.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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