Taylor Swift Sued by Child Pornographer Who Claims ‘1989’ Is About Him


Taylor Swift is being attacked from all sides these days. To begin with, her social media accounts were hacked on Tuesday and the people behind the privacy breach are threatening to post nude photos of the singer, which were seemingly recovered from her accounts, online. Now comes news that the media darling is being sued for $100 million for stealing a man’s life story and using it as fodder for her latest album, 1989. Convict Jose Hilario filed the suit from federal prison, where he is serving a sentence for child pornography and claiming that Swift’s new album is all about him.

The handwritten document was filed in the U.S. District Court in New York on Jan. 14. Hilario claims the actions of the Pennsylvania-born songstress have caused him pain and that he “[has] suffered so much humiliation already.”

According to the court documents, in January 2008, when Swift was 18 years old, she sent Hilario an email to ask if they could meet up via Skype because, according to the suit, the singer was “lonely and sad,” and was looking for somebody to talk to. By this time, Swift had already sold 5.5 million copies of her first album, 2006’s Taylor Swift, which made its debut on the Billboard 200 chart at number 19. The inmate claims the email sparked a friendship between the two which lasted for months. It was during this time frame that Swift released her second album, Fearless.

The lawsuit claims that the fast friends met face-to-face in April 2008 at a mall in Rhode Island and that during the meeting, Swift and Hilario exchanged hugs and kisses. The prisoner alleges that the singer promised to help him with his legal defense in addition to “writ[ing] and sing[ing] songs about him.” The suit claims that Swift reneged on her promise to help Hilario with his legal issues. As proof of their strong connection, Hilario offers the fact that his famous friend recently moved to Rhode Island, which is his home state, to await his release from prison.

Shortly after the alleged meeting at the Rhode Island mall, Hilario was arrested for possessing and distributing child pornography. His trial revealed that he had traded the illegal materials with other child pornography collectors throughout the country. When the FBI searched his computer and drives, they discovered approximately 85,000 pornographic videos and pictures of young girls, including infants. He pleaded guilty to the charges several months later and is serving a sentence of over 12 years in the federal penitentiary in Oakdale, La. He is due to be released before May 2019.

While in prison, Hilario came to the realization that 1989 had allegedly been written about him. Because of this and because of the alleged promise the singer had made to him, the convicted felon believes that the singer has a duty to aid him financially with his legal matters. The convict says in his filing that the star has a “good heart” and that she will return “to her senses” and remember the vow she made to him.

Hilario does offer Swift and her legal team a reprieve, saying that he will drop his lawsuit if the singer agrees to help him with his legal matters and be his friend again. Oh, and one other thing: He would also like an introduction to Miley Cyrus. So far, there has been no comment by Swift or her lawyers on the suit.

By Jennifer Pfalz

Radar Online

Image by Eva Rinaldi – License

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