Golden Globe Awards – Best Film Actors of the Year

golden globe awards

golden globe awards

This year’s Golden Globe Awards promises to feature some outstanding performances by numerous male actors in the film industry. Although the Golden Globe Awards combines celebration of both TV and film, the men of this year’s films are sure to be an important highlight.

The category of Best Actor in a Dramatic Motion picture features an array of highly-skilled performers all of whom are worthy of the award. Eddie Redmayne wows audiences with his performance in The Theory of Everything and shares the category with fellow British actor Benedict Cumberbatch for The Imitation Game, David Oyelowo for his portrayal of Martin Luther King, Jr. in Selma, the usually comedic Steve Carrell for his highly dramatic turn in Foxcatcher and  Jake Gyllenhaal for Nightcrawler. The Hollywood Foreign Press seems to award actors at the Golden Globe Awards for portraying actual people more often than not. Redmayne has a strong lead in this race as he takes on the role of a young Stephen Hawking going through the trials of learning to live with ALS. Although, Redmayne is in tight competition with Oyelowo who plays one of the most pivotal human rights activists of all time.

The Best Actor in a Musical or Comedic Motion Picture is the next category at the Golden Globe Awards that showcases many forces to be reckoned with. The nominees for this segment include Ralph Fiennes for the quirky Grand Budapest Hotel, Michael Keaton in the artistic Birdman, Joaquin Phoenix for Inherent Vice, Christoph Waltz for the Tim Burton-directed biopic Big Eyes and the comic legend Bill Murray for St. Vincent. All eyes are pointing to Keaton for taking home the gold as critics and fans, alike, have been raving about his performance in Birdman since its release. There is a chance the likes of Fiennes could be the underdog to win the race due to his extremely articulate dedication to the whimsicality of The Grand Budapest Hotel.

Rounding out the contenders in the collection of male actors at the Golden Globe Awards this year are those belonging to the Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture category. Well-established actor Robert Duvall returns to the awards limelight with his performance in The Judge. Mark Ruffalo from Foxcatcher and J.K. Simmons from Whiplash join the list of nominees as Ethan Hawke from Boyhood and Birdman’s Edward Norton round out that of the supporting actors. Simmons is the surprise actor who seems to be a lock-in for the award. The Whiplash star has had a long and impressive career of various character roles that garnered him much fame and fortune, but has yet to acquire the part to put him on the rosters with top-award-winners. It seems that Simmons’ part in Whiplash may be the most defining role of his career. Any other year, one would expect Norton to take home the prize, but Simmons has left very little wiggle room with his portrayal of a temperamental college jazz conductor.

This year’s actors are all very much deserving of multiple Golden Globe Awards, however there can only be one winner for each category. The 2015 Golden Globe Awards will air live on NBC tomorrow, Jan. 11.

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