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‘Grease’ Role of Sandy Filled by Julianne Hough



Fox has confirmed that the Grease: Live role of Sandy in their upcoming musical production on January 31, 2016 has been filled by professional dancer, Julianne Hough, of Dancing With the Stars fame, reports UPI.com and other sources. The role of bad girl, Rizzo, has also been filled, by the lovely actress Vanessa Hudgens. So far, the role of the leading man, who will play Danny Zuko, has not yet been cast.

Many names of actors who might follow in the footsteps of John Travolta to play Danny Zuko have been suggested by fans and sources like E! Online. Among the possibilities suggested are Justin Bieber, Zac Efron, Ryan Guzman, Nick Jonas, Bruno Mars, and Drake. Which actor might eventually wear the legendary T-Bird leather jacket of Danny Zuko? Hopefully, that role will be cast in the near future, and when it is, Guardian Liberty Voice will be among the first to let the public know.

Zac Efron has been in musicals before, like Hairspray and High School Musical, so he might be a great choice, if he is available. Bruno Mars and Drake are fantastic singers and dancers, so they would be perfect in the role, as well. Drake starred in the TV series, Degrassi, as Jimmy Brooks. Ryan Guzamn demonstrated his dancing skills in the two Step Up movies he has acted in, so if his singing matches his dancing skills, he would also be a good choice. As far as Justin Bieber goes, he can certainly sing, and he has more than a few dance moves of his own to add to the mix.

If Zac Efron is chosen to be the next Danny Zuko, he will not be the only one from High School Musical to be in the Fox production of Grease, as Vanessa Hudgens, 26, also starred in the popular Disney movie. Hudgens, who will be the iconic “Pink Lady,” Rizzo, has released two albums, and can definitely handle the singing that her role will require of her. She is currently starring in the title role on Broadway in Gigi.

Though Julianne Hough is perhaps best-known for her impressive dancing skills as showcased on Dancing With the Stars, she has also been in various musical productions and movies like Rock of Ages, Footloose and Burlesque. She has wanted to play Sandy, as she puts it, her “whole life.” Hough called it her “dream role,” and added that playing Sandy “live on television will be one of the most thrilling opportunities I’ve had in my career so far.”

Vanessa Hudgens stated that she has “never imagined” being Rizzo, but she considers playing her to “be a new challenge.” Hudgens called the character of Rizzo one that “continues to transcend generations.”

Fox apparently would like to begin televising live musical productions just like NBC has done with The Sound of Music Live and Peter Pan Live, as holiday specials. The Fox network’s musical, Grease: Live, will be a three hour long production.

According to a statement by the musical’s executive producer Marc Platt on Saturday, everyone involved in Grease: Live is “excited to reimagine this iconic story with a shared entertainment event suited for today’s audience.”

The roles of Grease: Live‘s Sandy and Rizzo have been filled by Julianne Hough and Vanessa Hudgens. The rest of the cast of the Fox musical production, slated to air on January 31, 2016, still needs to be cast, but Hough and Hudgens certainly have the singing and dancing skills necessary to shine in the production. More details about who will be cast in other roles in Grease: Live will be reported on as they become released by Fox.

Written By Douglas Cobb

E! Online
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