iPhone 6s Is ‘Just Hype’


Rumors circulating about Apple producing an iPhone 6s are “just hype” according to sources at Chinese tech news site Wei Feng. The site claims to have insider knowledge about Apple’s supply chain and states there is no production in store for a smaller iPhone in the near future. While there is talk of the Apple Watch to be released in spring 2015, speculation over the iPhone 6s and 6c are simply the pipe dreams of disgruntled Apple consumers.

Hype over a possible smaller iPhone 6s began to circulate in December 2014 just after the fall 2014 release of the iPhone 6. The newest cell phone in the ever-growing line of Apple products features a 4.7 inch screen for the 6 and a five-inch screen for the 6 Plus. Unable to adjust to the new product specifications, internet users around the world verbalized a demand for an updated four-inch screen product.

What’s more is that there is a demand for a low-cost entry-level phone. Consumers complain that the newest cell phone is too expensive, and the lack of a low-cost model for the 6 causes many to rethink their purchases. In fact, sales projections show that the iPhone 5s and 5c are selling just as many units as the 6 and more units than the 6 Plus.

But Apple does not seem to be interested in heeding the calls of their customers. Rather than take a step backward in their production process, the billion dollar enterprise seeks to improve upon their phablet market as the release of the latest iPhone proved to be a huge success. Moreover, releasing another phone into the market after such a short period of time would leave many in contract limbo with their cell phone providers. Consumers would need to terminate their contracts early in order to get the latest and greatest in Apple technology.

If smaller is what you desire, however, the gurus at the tech tycoon have got you covered with the release of the Apple Watch. Set to hit the market in spring 2015, this little gadget features a 38mm or 42mm screen, depending on which you choose, with a beautiful interface that is both familiar and fresh. With three different styles of watches to choose from and seemingly endless design possibilities with each, the Apple Watch has all of the customization the iPhone 5c wishes it possessed.

Still, the hype surrounding the fabled iPhone 6s leaves many dissatisfied and still yearning for just a smaller, more affordable alternative. Despite the release of molds, cases, and other leaks regarding the rumored phone, there does not appear to be any tell-tale signs of the company releasing a smaller iPhone in the near future. While the Apple Watch offers consumers a chance to go micro, there remains a hole in the heart of many loyal consumers where a four-inch interface used to be. With any luck, Apple will catch on to the wants and needs of their customers, offering a more affordable, less bulky alternative. Until then, users are stuck with a phablet in a phone-sized world.

By Carly Szabo

Business Insider

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