Jameis Winston to Enter NFL Draft

Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston, quarterback for Florida State, has released a statement announcing his intention to enter the 2015 NFL draft, relinquishing his remaining college eligibility. This move has been anticipated for some time by many. In his statement, he said that it had been a difficult decision to leave Florida State behind, but that he felt it was his best move. Many scouts and pundits believe that he may end up being the top-ranked quarterback in that upcoming draft.

Though some have expressed some concern about his off-the-field issues, Winston is not expected to suffer much in terms of his perceived value to perspective teams. Most are projecting that he will be chosen early on, almost certainly in the first round. He expressed in his statement the desire to carry on the tradition of great Florida State students leaving to the NFL and having long and storied careers. With his playing and leadership style on the field, most are expecting him to do exactly that.

By Jim Malone


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