Is Daenerys the True Hero of Game of Thrones? [Video]

Game of Thrones

The new trailer for Game of Thrones season five has arrived, and seems to hint that Daenerys is the true hero of the whole show. It has certainly been something that many fans have wondered, but she has been stuck across the Narrow Sea up until now. Varys certainly seems to hint that she is the true hero.

Game of Thrones’ new trailer shows a lot of action for the upcoming season. It may be two months away, but there is a lot to get mouths watering. There are also hints that some people did get away at the end of season four, especially for those who have not read the books.

The trailer is set to David Bowie’s Heroes, making it clear that this season could be all about finding the hero that Westeros needs. Daenerys regularly appears, along with Sansa and Arya Stark. They are the only three females on the show that could end up taking the throne, considering Cersei is likely facing a terrible end this season, if the books are anything to go by.

During the trailer, Varys talks to Tyrion Lannister about the true hero and leader that the Iron Throne needs. “A powerful army and the right family name” are the two things that the true hero needs. Tyrion makes a passing comment about finding him, but Varys turns that on its head. “Who said anything about him?”

It certainly makes it clear that he believes a female is to lead, and the next clip is Daenerys. Could this mean that the true hero in Game of Thrones will be Daenerys? She is certainly developing the powerful army thanks to releasing so many slaves. However, does she have the right name? While her family held the throne for so long, the Mad King may have tainted the family name.

If the “right family name” is anything to go by, it could mean that Sansa Stark is the true hero, or even Arya Stark. Many people in Westeros respected Ned Stark, and the North certainly backed their brother Robb. However, they do not have the powerful army. Most of Robb’s army was killed at the Red Wedding in season three.

That does not mean getting an army is impossible. Half-brother Jon Snow is currently up at the Wall, and it looks like he is gearing up to fight off the White Walkers with some of the Wildlings. Is it possible that a Wildling army could work with the Starks to take the throne so one of the girls can become the true hero?

That is an unlikely stretch, but it does show that getting an army could be possible. It would just take time. Daenerys is the more likely option when it comes to taking the throne, especially since Tyrion is now on that side of the Narrow Sea. The book lovers will know that eventually Tyrion and Daenerys meet up on Game of Thrones. Could Tyrion join her cause on the advice of Varys?

George R.R. Martin is still writing the books, so the true ending is currently unknown. However, it seems that Game of Thrones is hinting that Daenerys is the true hero of the series.

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