James Caan’s Divorce Proceedings Begin to Get Ugly


The current divorce proceedings between veteran actor James Caan and his estranged wife Linda are not going anywhere near as well as he had originally hoped; in fact, the situation is beginning to get slightly ugly. The woman has both shot down his requests regarding the custody arrangements for their teenage son, as well flatly refused his wishes regarding the situation with spousal support. She recently counter-filed divorce documents towards the 74-year-old, and made it quite clear that things are not going to go in the manner in which he wishes them to.

Caan himself filed for divorce near the beginning of the month, citing irreconcilable differences. He is asking for joint physical and legal custody of the 16-year-old boy in question, named Jacob, but Linda is adamantly refusing to allow this to happen. She is requesting full legal and physical custody of the teen, and is unwilling to budge in terms of this matter (there is not yet any known reason why the woman is so insistent that the New York native not be allowed shared custody, such as a bad situation having occurred in the past or suchlike).

In terms of the spousal support arrangements, Caan made it clear in his documents that he wants his ex cut off from her right to finances in this sense, something she is not one bit happy about. In her counter-docs, Linda is insistent that she be given spousal support, based on the usual defense that she and her son have come to know a certain kind of lifestyle after the many years of being able to live it without worry, and being cut off financially will not be beneficial for either her or the boy.

This is not the first time that the pair have gotten involved in divorce proceedings. Indeed, this is actually the third time that the actor has filed for divorce in the almost 20 years the two have been married. The first effort to separate from his partner for good was made in 2005, but the matter was called off a month later after Caan said the couple had managed to find a way to patch things up and move forward with repairing their union. However, he called it quits on the marriage once more in 2009. The paperwork was filed at the Los Angeles County Superior Court, and listed the reason for the divorce once again as irreconcilable differences (this is most generally the written reason for a marital breakup among celebrities unless there is adultery involved, which is considered irrelevant in Los Angeles regarding divorce documents anyway.) At that point in time, the pair had two minor children (their oldest son, James, is now 19.)

It is not yet known whether or not James and Linda Caan will finally pull the plug on their marriage for good, or if they will yet again end up giving the situation another try. If things do end in an official divorce, this will be Caan’s fourth failed marriage since 1961 (his first wife was Dee Jay Mathis, and they were married until 1966.)

By Rebecca Grace

CBS News
E! Online Canada
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