Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart Play ‘Slapjack’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, Fallon’s guests were the comedian, Kevin Hart, who stars in The Wedding Ringer; actor Jay Baruchel, from the new FXX series, Man Seeking Woman; and, the musical guest was the amazing singer, Meghan Trainor. Later on in the show, Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart played the game, Slapjack.

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show by doing his nightly comedy monologue. He joked about topics from today’s headlines, like the nominees for the Academy Awards.

He said that:

“The nominees are made up entirely of white actors and actresses. They are so white, the awards have been moved to a Restoration Hardware in Connecticut. They are so white, they just became the front-runners for the 2016 Republican nominees. They are so white, that Matthew McConaughey said ‘All white, all white, all white!”

Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight Show announcer, Steve Higgins, then poked fun at an unfortunate mispronunciation of a director’s name. The man’s name was Dick Pope, but it was instead pronounced “Dick Poop.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon joked about Senator Cruz being named the head of the Committee on Space and Science, and also joked about a clip on The Price is Right, in which someone demonstrating a treadmill fell down.

The house band, The Roots, played Fallon to his desk. He said Brian Williams and Victoria Justice will be on tomorrow’s show, and he will do his weekly “Thank You Notes.” Fallon announced that Kevin Hart will be on tonight, and will be playing Slapjack with him. Jay Baruchel from the FXX new show, Man Seeking Woman, will also be on, as well as singer Meghan Trainor.

Tonight, the hashtag that Jimmy Fallon talked about was #TheWorstCarIEverHad. Some of the tweets included “None of the windows worked, so I had to order my food at the drive-in by sticking my head out of the sun roof.” Another was “My Oldsmobile cloth ceiling sagged so much that if you looked in as I was driving, it looked like I was wearing a grey sombrero.”

Yet another tweet was “A guy picked me up for a date, and as a joke, led me to the ugliest car in the parking lot, which was my car.” The last one was “I once locked my keys in my car and called my dad at work. He said ‘Just use any key.’ I used my house key, and it worked!”

After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest, comedian and actor Kevin Hart. Fallon called him “the hottest comedian in the world right now.” Kevin will be hosting Saturday Night Live this Saturday.

“You’re everywhere,” Fallon said. “Even the cover of Men’s Health.” Fallon held up a copy of the magazine to show everyone. Then, he showed a photo in another magazine of a puppy on Kevin’s head. Kevin told Fallon that “He peed on my head.”

Talking about an upcoming Lip Sync Battle the two will have on Super Bowl Sunday, Kevin said “You brought this on yourself, Jimmy. You’re dealin’ with Little Nugget. This Little Nugget has come to play. The difference between you and me is that this Little Nugget comes cooked.” Fallon called himself “Little Nougat.’

Fallon tried to get Kevin Hart interested in eating a meal called the “Garbage Plate.” Hart replied that he could not do it, because “I’m on the cover of Men’s Health, man.”

“Congrats on the movie, The Wedding Ringer,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“It’s not really a movie about a wedding,” Kevin Hart said. “It’s really about the relationship between these two men.” He was referring to the relationship between himself and the character that Josh Gad plays. Fallon showed a clip from the movie.

“I’d like to play a gambling game,” Fallon said. He challenged Kevin Hart to a game of Slapjack, which they both played after a commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

When the Tonight Show came back, Fallon explained that the game of Slapjack was like Blackjack, but the loser of each round would get his face slapped by the winner. Hart dealt the first cards out. Jimmy had 13, and asked for another card. He went over 21, and Kevin Hart wailed on him, right on his ear.

“I can’t hear anything now!” Fallon said. “Alright, it’s on now! That’s not funny, man!” he said.

Jimmy Fallon dealt the next hand. Kevin Hart had 17. He stayed with that, and Fallon won with an 18. He slapped Hart, who said “Man, you should have smacked me harder! You better hope that I don’t win, because your face is going to get red, buddy.”

The next hand, Fallon stuck with 20. Kevin went over, and Jimmy Fallon really smacked the fire out of him. Fallon was the overall winner of Slapjack. Then, the Tonight Show went to yet another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Jay Baruchel from the FXX new show, Man Seeking Woman, was Fallon’s second guest on the Tonight Show. He has also acted in movies like Tropic Thunder and Knocked Up.

“We were in a movie together, Almost Famous,” Fallon said. “You were a big Led Zeppelin fan.’

“The saddest thing is I was 17, not 9 there. I went through puberty, a month after high school,” Jay said.

Jimmy Fallon then talked to Jay about the FXX series he is starring in, Man Seeking Woman. He said that he tried out an online dating service, E-Harmony, and he said he “got exclusively set up with chain-smoking single mothers.”

“It gets surreal,” Fallon said.

“Yes, it does. I’m with trolls, a Hitler monster, aliens….The troll’s name is Gorbachakta, and she comes from the Scandinavian forest.”

Their date does not go at all well. Fallon introduced a clip from the series, and it was pretty funny. Man Seeking Woman premiered on Wednesday, following the season premiere of It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia.

Jimmy Fallon

After another commercial break, singer Meghan Trainor performed a song from her self-titled album, a special version of her song, Lips Are Moving. She sounded amazing, in what was, essentially, an unplugged version of the song. She played her guitar, and someone else played another guitar along with her. The audience applauded wildly as she finished singing.

The Tonight Show this Thursday, January 15, 2015 had some great guests who appeared on it, like his first guest, comedian Kevin Hart. Also, actor and comedian, Jay Baruchel, from the humorous new FXX series, Man Seeking Woman, was on the show. Popular singer, Meghan Trainor, sang Lips Are Moving to end the episode. Please leave any comments below!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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