Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow Admit to Joining Mile-High Club [Video]

Johnny Depp

During a game of Never Have I Ever, Johnny Depp and Gwyneth Paltrow admitted to joining the mile-high club. The two were on The Ellen DeGeneres Show with their co-star Paul Bettany to promote their new movie Mortdecai.

Host Ellen DeGeneres decided it would be fun to have a game of Never Have I Ever, a game popular with college and university students. It gives many a chance to find out secrets and often breaks the ice for new students. DeGeneres decided it was time for fans to find out more about Depp, Paltrow and Bettany, and asked a series of questions with shocking outcomes for some.

The three actors were given paddles. One side had I Have and the other side had I Have Never written on them. The actors were then asked to show either side that answered the question coming up. DeGeneres joined in with the game, and made it clear during the game that the questions were not her own. At one point, she did not understand the actual question and had to use her own discretion for the actors to answer.

The first question asked was whether the players had been to a nude beach. Depp and Bettany answered with I Have, while Paltrow showed that it was something she had never done. The answers for the three actors were the same when asked whether they had been arrested. Only DeGeneres changed her answer from I Have to I Have Not between the two questions.

It was during the game that Paltrow and Depp admitted to joining the mile-high club. In fact, all four of the players showed that they had joined the mile-high club. However, no explanations were given as it was designed to be a quick-fire round of questioning. There will be many fans of the four wanting to know more about their escapades in the air.

The hardest question to answer was whether they had forgotten the name of a date. This was the question that caused problems for DeGeneres, as she tried to work out what it meant. Did it mean during the date or afterwards? Using her own discretion, she decided that it meant during the date, to which all four answered they had never done that. There was a long pause for Depp, as he considered all the possibilities in his head.

During one question, Paltrow kept flipping her card. The three actors were asked if they had ever lied on a talk show. Bettany quickly answered, telling DeGeneres and the audience that he had. Depp followed suit but saying that he had never lied. Paltrow found it difficult to answer, continually flipping between the two different options. The question is whether any of them were lying right then.

Finally, they were asked if they had ever sexted. Paltrow was the only one to admit she had, with Depp showing his surprise at that news. She was the only one to admit to the action, but again shared no explanation.

It was a fun game for the three actors to get involved in, and the audience certainly learned more. Depp and Paltrow admitted to joining the mile-high club, something many may not have expected to learn.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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