Supernatural Season 10 Episode 11 Synopsis: Charlie Is Back


The synopsis for Supernatural season 10 episode 11 shows that Charlie is back from Oz, and all is certainly not okay. It looks like Dean’s fears about the wonderful world of Oz were legitimate, as something has happened to the little sister they never wanted. It is time for Dean vs. Charlie, especially since he is struggling with the killing urges from the Mark of Cain.

Sam is looking around for demonic activity online, when he comes across a video of Charlie beating a district attorney. Of course, the brothers immediately believe that the Hobbit fan is hunting alone and attacking a demon. That is until they come across her and realize that something happened to her while in Oz.

Judging by the Supernatural Born Killer trailer, there is something possessing their friend. In the trailer she looks like she is even driving the Impala with Sam in the passenger seat, while discussing Dean’s predicament with the Mark of Cain. Everything seems normal in that conversation, especially compared to the trailer for episode 11 There’s No Place Like Home.

Charlie is back, and the Supernatural season 10 episode 11 synopsis makes it clear that all is not normal. Even the sneak peeks and trailers show that something is definitely wrong with the red-head. Her voice is deeper, her clothes darker and the look in her eye murderous. The question is what did actually happen to her in Oz?

News of Felicia Day reprising her role hit during the summer. Throughout the end of 2014, she shared photos on her Twitter page of being on set, with the final one saying goodbye to the parked Impala. There even seemed some sort of finality to her goodbye on Twitter, as if the writers are actually going to kill off her character.

When Day confirmed reprising her role on Supernatural, the writers shared that Charlie would return under “precarious circumstances.” Something dark had come with her, whether after her or with her. It certainly seems like something has come with her, and may even be possessing her. It will be up to the Winchester brothers to figure it out and save their friend.

What are the chances of Dean telling Charlie “I told you so” during the episode? He certainly made it clear that there could be all sorts of danger, with flying monkeys and witches. Charlie was excited about the danger, and may have felt safe with Dorothy at her side.

It does bring up another question. What happened to Dorothy while they were in Oz? Is she still stuck there or has she returned and causing havoc somewhere else? The trailer and synopsis have answered very little, just making it clear that it will be time for Charlie against Dean, as he tries to control his urges the Mark of Cain is forcing on him.

The season is certainly picking up on the action after half a season of seemingly slow storylines. The second half is all about the Mark of Cain, with a few loose ends thrown in there. The synopsis for episode 11 of Supernatural’s 10th season shows Charlie is back and she needs the brothers’ help.

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