Supernatural Debuting Another Spin Off Idea This Season?


It is no secret that Supernatural is looking for a spin off idea, and there may be another one debuted this season. Last season’s attempt Bloodlines failed miserably for various reasons. However, the writers have gone back to the drawing board to try again, and Jeremy Carver says that they may have an idea.

Bloodlines was the initial attempt. It was about five monster families in Chicago, and had a Romeo and Juliette twist to the story. There were too many issues for fans, though, leading to the Supernatural spin off idea getting dropped. One of the big issues was no connection with any of the characters. There were just too many of them, and none seemed to connect that well with Sam or Dean Winchester. It is a slight shame considering the lead was Kol from CW’s The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.

There are other ideas that many fans would already like to see. Ghostfacers could make a great spin off. The characters have shown up enough in the original series and have chemistry. The meta episode in season three was widely accepted and even considered funny by many fans. Part of the allure was the reality TV style to the show. Ghostfacers did end up getting a webisode format, which may be the reason for not getting a place on TV.

It goes back to the writers developing a great idea for a Supernatural spin off and debuting it this season. With the show being picked up for an 11th season, it offers some good news. There is time to plant a few more ideas and look for the perfect story to tell.

Supernatural fans are not fickle. They want something interesting, intriguing and emotional. They need something to connect with on TV. While the parent show has a lot of gaffs and fun, there is a clear connection between the main characters and they connect with the audience.

The question is whether fans really want a spin off. While The Vampire Diaries has success with The Originals and Arrow is seeing success with The Flash, they seemed like obvious options. Fans had grown to love the Original Vampires, and The Flash is already a known superhero. Supernatural fans almost seem happy for the show to end when it does, and not lead into another show.

It is the CW’s President Mark Pedowitz who wants a spin off. He said at the 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour that he is outspoken about the idea, and hopeful the writers will have something next year—that would be this year. Carver has confirmed that the writers are constantly looking for ideas, but they will not just write anything. This is a show that they are all protective off, and a spin off needs to follow on successfully.

He believes that they may have the right idea now. That could mean fans will see a new spin off idea debuted during this season of Supernatural. However, the team is not confirming anything just yet.

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  1. 5654funny   January 26, 2015 at 10:59 am

    i love supernatural so much i wanted it to be renewed for 19 seasons l love you Jared I love you Jensen

  2. 5654funny   January 26, 2015 at 4:26 am

    Something need to be fixed people will get upset if supernatural ends we won’t be happy at all supernatural changed my life and I will always love dean Sam and cas many people want supernatural to go up to 19 seasons we love supernatural


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