Justin Bieber Continues to Deny Photoshop Rumors

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber continues to deny the rumors that his Calvin Klein photo shoot was Photoshopped. The Canadian singer has threatened legal action for the GIF that allegedly shows the real photos and the Calvin Klein images.

The 20-year-old says that modelling is on the list of things that he wants to achieve by the time he is 30, and jumped that the opportunity to model for Calvin Klein. However, shortly after the release of the images, many rumors spread that his body had been Photoshopped. Not only had blemishes been removed, but people claimed that he was made to look bigger than he really was.

It led to Breathe Heavy releasing the alleged real images from the shoot. The site claims that a source from the photo shoot shared them to show Bieber’s real body. That quickly escalated to the singer threatening with legal action if the images were not removed and the culprit did not step forward.

While there were rumors of the images being Photoshopped, there were many who were on Bieber’s side. His personal trainer, Patrick Neilsson, says that he has gained 20 pounds worth of muscle, and he is still building up his body. He has a very strict diet to keep in shape, and would like to gain another 15 pounds. The plan is for him to get bigger.

As a way for Bieber to continue to deny the Photoshop rumors, he decided to post an image on his social media. He just has a towel wrapped around his waist, so he can show off his arms, chest and abs. The caption says “Photoshop LOL,” and quickly shot down his critics.

It has been hard work to get the figure he would like, which is why he has been so offended over the rumors. According got Neilsson, he mostly drinks green juices and has at least one a day. His taste buds have had to adapt to liking them, and he certainly loves the way he feels because of them. He also reportedly stated that Bieber is well-endowed, knocking claims that his body was airbrushed in that department, too.

The issue of Photoshopping images has come up time and time again. For most photo shoots, the images are doctored to make women look slimmer and to remove the blemishes. However, there are times that it can be used to make people look bigger than they really are. As soon as Bieber’s Calvin Klein images were shared, many people took to social media to claim that they looked airbrushed.

The alleged real images did turn out to be fakes. Breathe Heavy published a retraction shortly after Bieber threatened with legal action, and removed the GIF. They apologized for sharing the falsified images because they hit the Boyfriend singer’s ego. The retraction also apologized to the many fans that the images upset on social media. The statement continued to say that the publication would believe the 20-year-old’s claims that the originally posted images are the real ones. Bieber has since shared an image of his abs on social media to continue to deny the Photoshop rumors.

By Alexandria Ingham


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