‘Kate Plus 8’ Dominates TLC

Kate Plus 8In preparation for the return of the wildly popular series Kate Plus 8, TLC ran re-runs all day leading up to the premiere. Love her or hate her, the fans cannot get enough, and now they will get the chance to follow the Gosselins once again. Running the last season that they were on air, TLC got the viewers warmed up, to see the kids as they are today, nearly five years later.

The good, and the bad will play out on the return of the gang on the new season, and there is little doubt that the Kate Haters will be out in force. The premiere follows Kate and her 13-year-old twins, and 10-year-old sextuplets on their summer vacation in Maine. They started in Plymouth to take in some historical sites, they then travel up through the state and end up spending some time on the coast of Maine. Those that follow the show, know that they now have a pet bird to add to the mix, and instead of finding babysitters, Kate now has to find a bird sitter.

Packing takes on a whole new meaning when one is part of a family as big as this, where everyone has an opinion, and everyone has their own fashion sense. Kate certainly has kept her volley of facial expressions when it comes to expressing her like, dislike, and disdain of everyday trial and tribulations. One of those times, are featured on the premiere of Kate Plus 8, with the melt down of teenage Maddie for the taking away of her cell phone.

As in all previous seasons of Kate Plus 8, the head of the Gosselin clan always makes sure to immerse the children in the culture and activities of the places they visit. Dressing up as pilgrims while visiting Plymouth Rock was no exception. TLC did a great job of integrating the past and the present by comparing certain events, and showed how things played out five years ago, as compared to how they work out now with the children being older. This season there are a lot more of the kids on the couch, as they are old enough to speak their minds, and give their opinions.

The kids of Kate Plus 8 certainly seem to be well-adjusted, and their lives could parallel just about any home with 10-year-olds and 13-year-olds. They are as close as they have always been, and fans were happy that the sibling bond remains as strong as ever. No matter where they go or what they do, the eight kids always seem to find a way to work together to get things done, however, as in any home with children meltdowns are inevitable.

All in all, the premiere of Kate Plus 8 is just what fans expected of this family, with Kate keeping all the children in line, and manners in check for an exciting vacation. The kids fell right back into a rhythm with the crew of the show, and the illusion of taking a sneak peek into the lives of America’s favorite family remains in tact.

by Kristi Cereska


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