Keurig Coffee Brewer on GE Refrigerator Front

General Electric (GE) has unveiled a new concept for the coffee lover that has everything coffee. This new appliance show-dog is sporting the morning cup of java right on its front door.  In 2014, Equitrend Rankings named Keurig “Single server coffee maker brand of the year.” In light of this, it was a logical progression for GE to give this task to the proud crowned prince of the morning blend, Keurig Coffee Brewer.  Not only will this embedded appliance dispense brewed single cups of hot coffee, it will also give hot water to make oatmeal, soups and any other hot boiled water-based snack.

In the near future, the average family will really be moving closer to living the pipe dream of the Jetsons push-button life. Now the refrigerator is not just a chilling/ freezing device, but a product-preparing device. The future is not looking very good for single-purpose appliances. This new GE K-Cup Brewing system will offer more than just looks. The look of the refrigerator will not change much. It will have its familiar French-opening doors with a water filter and the built-in Keurig Coffee Brewer dispenser on one side. The difference is that it will simply have more options and more buttons. This is a no-brainer seeing that precious counter space is eaten up by new gadgets on the move every day to make people’s lives easier.

Economically, this stands firm dollar for dollar because it only costs an extra $200 per unit. The water is purified before its dispensed, which is intended give a better tasting cup of coffee. The fridge can be operated by remote control from an app, allowing the owner to have the pleasure of the hot java at the exact time desired. These features are useful anytime, whether in the morning when getting ready to start the day, or a hot herbal stress release at the end of the day. Stress is released as soon as no clean-up is necessary.

In today’s society, dealing with the need for caffeine is not an easy task. Worshipers stand outside of Starbucks before it opens, peering in waiting for the second hand to strike and that barista to open the door. They only become human after the first cup of freshly brewed mud. With out it they may just flat line.

This year, it seems that Keurig is on the top of everyone’s wish list, if they do not have one already. It is rumored that it is definitely the stock to watch. The merging of the General Electric Company, based in Louisville, Kentucky and Keurig, based in Burlington, Vermont is only the tip of the iceberg. They have both been making many unexpected moves for the future in alliance with major soft drink companies that have totally slammed the market’s returns for 2014.

This home-run appliance will be available in the fall of 2015 for just over $3000. This price is do-able for most households in the market for a new fridge. Not only will the GE Cafe Series Refrigerator be adult savvy, but kid-friendly as well. General Electric coupled with Keurig have gotten it right in the minds of most consumers. Convenience, beauty and necessary functionality are all wrapped up an a stainless steel bow, with extra counter space to boot.

By Crystal Ball

The Motley fool 
The Courier Journal

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