Kurt Busch Sanity in Question

Kurt BuschAfter giving the bizarre testimony on Tuesday that he firmly believed that his former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, is a hired killer, Kurt Busch is having his sanity questioned by many. Driscoll is claiming his accusations are pulled straight from the story of a script that she has been writing, and that she is worried about the NASCAR driver’s mental state.  She says that she believes he is in need of counselling for depression and alcoholism.

Busch made these statements in a courtroom where he was appearing in the matter of a “no contact” order requested by Driscoll. He and his lawyers have continued to depict Driscoll as a woman seeking to destroy him and his career after being scorned, and discredit her. His comments in the courtroom have shifted the focus squarely back on himself, and the possibility that he may be the one out of control.

The original complaint from Driscoll alleges that Busch assaulted her in his motor home. Her story claims that he grabbed her around the neck and hit her head against a wall several times. Though he denies it, there is an independent police investigation into those allegations. No ruling has been handed down as of yet about the “no contact” order, but one is expected by early in February at the latest.

Busch is sticking to his assassin story, despite the questions about his health and sanity. He claims that Driscoll had admitted to her double life, and that she had produced pictures of bodies with gunshot wounds as proof of her employment as a mercenary and hired killer. He recounted one story where he alleges that she went out one night in El Paso while they were on the road and returned home in a trench coat, with her gown underneath covered in blood. He insists that she routinely takes assassination jobs in Central and South America, as well as Africa.

A former assistant who worked for Busch and Driscoll testified as well. He claims that Driscoll had told him a wild story at one point about being assaulted by a man while corralling immigrants on the Mexican border. The testimony does not necessarily support the theory that she is an international assassin, though it does make the entire matter more bizarre for those following the unfolding events. Whether an attempt to support one of his former employers and discredit the other, a flight of fancy, or somehow the bizarre truth, his addition takes the drama to the next level. In context, four days of testimony about a domestic incident in a motor home might actually be a relatively commonplace occurrence in some parts of the country. Often it results in stories of mental instability and alcoholism, but seldom does it produce tales of intrigue and international killers like the ones coming out with this case.

To many at Busch’s home track of Las Vegas, it is ironic that he would make these accusations about contract killers and murder. Ten minutes at the track among the locals will fill a person’s ears about unconfirmed theories regarding Busch and his family and their rise in the racing business. There have never been any charges filed or proof offered for these wild stories, but after being quietly accused of the things he and his family have been, most would think it a topic that would be avoided. Whether a question of sanity or judgement for Busch, with his testimony, that ship has sailed.

Commentary By Jim Malone


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