Kim Kardashian Shoots Down Rumors of Pregnancy and Marriage Woes


Kim Kardashian has spoken out to shoot down rumors of a second pregnancy having already taken place, and speculation that her and husband Kanye West are not doing so well. The reality television star took to Twitter in the last few hours of December 31 to clarify these things in order to get them out of the way before she and her family rang in 2015, in order to get them a clean start and get any miscommunication swept under the rug in terms of facts and the way things actually were.

She posted an update to confirm that she was, in fact, not pregnant with the pair’s second baby despite the multiple tabloids rumors suggesting otherwise. She also went on to clarify that her and West were in no way having any kind of marital difficulty, again in contrast to various tabloid speculation regarding the union between the two. Kardashians says that the two are still as “obsessed” with each other as they have ever been, and that their marriage is as intact as it possibly could be despite all the haters spreading negativity and trying their best to caught problems in order to satisfy their own need for drama and destruction.

She also took the time to address some various other issues, most notably that of the recent rumors that have been circulating regarding Scott Disick, longtime partner of her sister Kourtney Kardashian. Various media outlets have recently been spreading stories that the 31-year-old had recently bought a bachelor pad in Beverly Hills, and was subsequently planning on moving out on his own and cutting off ties from his partner and mother of his three children. The middle Kardashian explained that Disick was merely involved in a new business venture, in which he bought homes and renovated them in order to resell them at the best possible price (in other words, house flipping.)

Mrs. Kardashian-West and her husband have most certainly been in the media’s eye as of late. Just last week, it came to light that the couple was struggling to conceive a second time to fertility issues on the 34-year-old’s part. The pair have reportedly been trying to get pregnant for a total of nine months now, with West determined to give his wife a new baby for her birthday this coming October. His efforts, however valiant, are said to be mostly in vain. Doctors have told the couple that their chances of creating another baby are slim to none, given that the fact their first child was born is a miracle in itself. A total of three fertility doctors told Kardashian she most likely would not be able to produce a child, odds that the couple managed to beat. They reportedly believed that they would be able to cheat the probabilities a second time around, something that professionals have warned them is less than likely and therefore they should be prepared for the worst.

It remains to be seen what will come for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in the new year. For now, however, the KUWTK star insists the two are doing just fine and that any negative speculation regarding their relationship is just hateful nonsense and should not be taken seriously in any regard.

By Rebecca Grace

People Magazine
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