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Kosovo Protests See 37 Injured


In Kosovo, thousands of protestors took to the streets in response to comments made by a government official, injuring 37 people so far, including 22 members of the police. Water cannons were used on the protestors, who attempted to break into a government building. Many of the injuries sustained by police were from having rocks and other objects thrown at them from out of the crowds.

The protests were sparked by a statement from Aleksandar Jablanovic, the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare for the country. After he refered to ethnic Albanians as savages, massive numbers have been calling for his removal from his position. Despite his public apology, protests have continued for a couple of weeks, culminating in Tuesday’s protest. It seems likely that the situation could escalate after the violence of Tuesday and the injuries sustained. Jablanovic is one of only three Serbian ministers in the Kosovo Cabinet. Their inclusion was intended to improve relations between the minority Serbs and the ethnic Albanians in the country. That plan, at the moment, appears to have backfired.

By Jim Malone


Image courtesy of Sgt. Derrick Irions – Flickr License