Lea Michele Vomited During Let It Go Performance

Lea Michele

Lea Michele recently admitted that she vomited during her performance of Let It Go on Glee. It was a big number for the singer, and one that many fans were excited to hear. There was something poetic about the singer doing the song, considering her onscreen mother is Idina Menzel, who played Elsa in Frozen and originally sang the song.

Michele confessed all while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday night. She said that she was extremely nervous that day before singing such a popular song. The last thing she wanted to do was mess it up.

It was hard enough that the day had not been the best before singing. Snow was falling everywhere and she wanted to make the whole thing look beautiful and magical. Instead, she choked on a piece of falling snow and started vomiting. It is all on film and even in slow motion, as they were filming at the time. Many Glee fans will now want to know whether this will appear on the season six gag reel once it is over. Kimmel certainly said that he hoped it would be on the DVD extras.

Vomiting did not do much to help her nerves, though. Michele worried that she would mess up on the song, especially considering the two who had sung it before her. Not only had Menzel done the original version for Frozen, but Demi Lovato covered the song for the soundtrack. They were two big shoes to fill.

Despite vomiting during her Let It Go performance, Michele managed to get through the song. She even received the blessing of Menzel afterwards, which was “wonderful.” The two tweeted while it was happening.

During the performance, some of the Glee crew members allowed their children onto the set. Many believed that Michele was the real Elsa, and watched her in awe. She felt great feeling like a “Disney princess God,” and it helped ease her nerves while singing the iconic song.

Glee kicked off season six back at McKinley High School. Michele’s character Rachel Berry returned after her TV show failed in Hollywood, and she helps get the glee club back to what it once was. The final moments of the season premiere was Rachel setting up her office while singing the Frozen song.

Season six is the last season of the show, and many fans look forward to seeing how Ryan Murphy will handle this. Despite it being the last season, Michele has already lined up work afterwards. She will join Murphy’s new cast on Scream Queens, which will also star Ariana Grande, Abigail Breslin and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The new show will premiere sometime in the fall, with Murphy remaining on FOX. It will be about college students who are faced with a murderer on their campus, and is a mixture of horror and comedy. Very little else has been shared about the upcoming TV show.

For now, Michele still has the last of Glee to film. Hopefully, there will be no more vomiting while Michele performs songs like Let It Go.

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