English VOCALOID Software for American Music Producers Out Soon

EnglishDuring the 2015 NaMM show, Yamaha showed off their new American English focused VOCALOID software. The program features Cross-Synthesis in order to add melody and lyrics to a virtual voice. The result is Cyber Diva and VOCALOID4 Editor, which work in conjunction to give music producers a voice to customize and use with music.

Director of the project, Lacy Privette, said that understanding subtleties of virtual vocals only comes from years of work. The VOCALOID4 and Cyber Diva have been in the works since 2000. Besides Cyber Diva, the package includes VOCALOID4 Editor and VOCALOID Editor for Cubase for the total price of $149.99. It will become available during the first quarter of 2014.

VOCALOID is two things, a software used for creating music (specifically with vocals) and the voice that is used in the software. Most VOCALOIDs are specific fictional characters, such as Hatsune Miku. Each one of theses VOCALOIDs is like a musical artist, however there is one big difference. Since the VOCALOID software is available to the public, anyone that wishes to create music with that specific alias can. The vocal stars are something in the music world that unite people, since anyone can make music with collaboration of that artist. A rough comparison would be if a computer program could use the singing voice of Justin Timberlake, tons of people would be making leagues of music with the icon star’s voice.

What makes Cyber Diva so different is that she is the first American English speaking VOCALOID. She has an entire voice library with extra capabilities that offer powerful long tones and clear speech. Additionally she has a Growl Expression which can be used for a more rough and gruff feel. The odd part is that the Cyber Diva is addressed as less of a character and more of a tool. It is true that her voice is a tool used for music, but most VOCALOIDs are characters with specifics likes and dislikes. As a result, this will likely keep Cyber Diva producers focused on using the program for their own music instead of the entity that is Cyber Diva.

The software also comes with instrument features which act as a backbone for the virtual vocals.This addition is not meant to be the primary music for Cyber Diva, as this software is aimed for professional producers.

With VOCALOID Editor for Cubase and VOCALOID4 Editor users can customize Cyber Diva’s sound to modify pitch or possibly vibrato. The editing features include details aimed to give Cyber Diva a plethora of different varieties to display.

Picking a better company for such a product seems almost foolish. Yamaha has a lot of products, but many know them for their musical instruments and electronics. WIth roots in the two categories most important to Cyber Diva, Yamaha is certainly qualified to make such a musical voice.

Yamaha has been working on this project since 2000. The package includes VOCALOID4 Editor, VOCALOID Editor for Cubase and American English speaking Cyber Diva with full vocal library. The total package costs $149.99 and will become available sometime during the first quarter of 2015.

By Garrett Jutte
PR Web

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