Marshawn Lynch in Trouble With the NFL Again

Marshawn Lynch

Marshawn Lynch has found himself in the hot seat again with the NFL. He was recently fined once more for his post-touchdown explicit episode in the NFL Championship game. Lynch’s account is $20,000 lighter with the possibility of more fines to come. The Seahawks running back refuses to speak with reporters and on Sunday decided to grab his crotch during the game.

Lynch has maintained his tradition of dissing the media for reasons which have not been clarified. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the league is preparing to strengthen its battle against the player for his continued behavior. The NFL has plans to increase Lynch’s fines if he does not straighten up and fly right. Reportedly a NFL official stated:

There would be increasing fines for each session Lynch misses this week speaking to the media, with each fine being more than the two $50,000 fines already imposed and the upcoming one that soon is expected to be handed down.

History has shown that Lynch has no issue with accepting the fines he has received because he has failed to change his behavior. Watching him painfully navigate the media has been difficult for many of his fans. They would rather see him do what he does best…play ball. It has been said by many of his supporters that the league is using bullying tactics by increasing fines in efforts of making Lynch speak to the media and they feel like he should be left alone.

Others feel like this is a part of the NFL experience and Lynch should step up to the plate and handle the responsibilities that go along with the high salary he receives by giving the media what they want. One fan of the game named William Miller said:

I have no problem with the league enforcing the rules. He gets paid very well and it should not matter that he does not want to do post game press interviews. He is required by the fact that he agreed to play the game for x amount of dollars; this is part of what his salary pays for. Lynch cannot just decide he is too good to do the entire job. He is being a baby and the organization is doing what they can to enforce what is written in his contract.

Another fan agreed by saying:

Lynch signed a contract that states he will talk to the media. He is not holding up his end of the bargain and being fined is the punishment for not doing what you are being paid to do. If the NFL backs down and does nothing, more and more players are going to just ignore that part of their contracts too.

Others have not supported the league’s decision and are saying they are being too controlling. If a player does not want to speak with the press they should not have to. If fining them is a part of the refusal punishment they should not be permitted to increase the fine. One Lynch supporter stated:

I see the point but this escalation business is about more than just when he doesn’t talk to the media, it clearly bothers them greatly that he doesn’t present himself the way they want him to. Let the players pay the fines and deal with it in the next CBA, however, an escalating war of fines because of a slippery slope argument where possibly Tom Brady might dare to choose to not answer a question after a bad game is not any reason to continue to give this more and more attention. Fine him, but to increase the fine is outrageous.

Regardless if the fans agree or disagree, Marshawn Lynch has found himself in trouble again with the National Football League. He recently grabbed his crotch after a post-touchdown celebratory move which caused him to be hit with a $20,000 fine. Reportedly, the league is preparing to increase their intensity in the battle with Lynch should he continue his antics, especially when it involves the media.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. DamonDamon   January 24, 2015 at 9:29 am

    The NFL probably loves the Lynch escapades and would be smart to pay him back secretly. He brings all sorts of notoriety, entertainment and controversy to the NFL, effectively making the NFL more popular..


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