Lil’ Boosie Fights Back at Speculation He Photoshopped Family Xmas Pics


Rapper Lil’ Boosie is fighting back at the recent speculation that he used photoshop to alter a picture so it looked like he actually spent Christmas with his children, contrary to reports that he had ditched out on the day altogether to engage in other plans. He is incredibly outraged at the rumors and accusations, and says he has proof that no such thing occurred and that people could not be any more wrong in terms of what they are suggesting.

The speculation in question began last week, after the 32-year-old posted a picture of himself with his son, four-year-old Michael Jordan. The uploading of the photograph was met with much public dissent, with many individuals voicing their opinion that the imagery simply did not look real. They said the lighting of the picture was off, and that the boy appeared to be a separate entity from the man allegedly sitting beside him with his arm around him.

Boosie says these allegations are completely ridiculous, mainly because the idea of him abandoning his kids on the aforementioned holiday is insulting to the extreme, as he loves his family and would never dream of deserting them to go and do anything else on Christmas day. In response to the questions raised regarding the legitimacy of the photo due to the lighting, Boosie says that the picture was taken by a professional photographer and this is why it looked a little different from a photograph been taken with a normal camera as per usual.

The Louisiana native went even further to prove that he was indeed not fibbing about his whereabouts on December 25, and succeeded in providing video proof that he was most certainly spending time with them at his New Orleans residence. The video portrayed Boosie and his family in their living room, with his children discussing various things with another relative. It shows the rapper lying on the couch with son Michael, in the same position as the speculated photoshopped picture in question. His other six children were also present in the room.

2014 was quite an interesting year for Boosie overall. Back at the beginning of March, he was released from prison after five years incarceration due to extremely serious drug charges (three counts of possession with intent to distribute), for which he was originally sentenced to a total of eight years regarding. The original sentence was lessened after Boosie’s attorneys managed to convince the judge in question that the drug ring charge was an unfair setup, due to the informant offering codeine to the rapper in order for his help in the matter. The rapper is an admitted codeine addict, and therefore defendants were able to successfully convey their view that the sting used Boosie’s addiction to their advantage and that this was not justified in the slightest.

Lil’ Boosie seems to have successfully proven that he was, in fact, present with his children on Christmas day. Since the video has been shared online, there has not been any rebuttal regarding his evidence in the slightest.

By Rebecca Grace

Photo by stefrich823 – Flickr License

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